To keep rodents out of your rv place Bounce fabric softener sheet, regular or original only, in all bays, draws and spaces that you can reach. Keeps the mice away from your rv.

Simply pull and replace the Bounce sheets every 3 or 4 months.

Putting your rv in storage? Add powered rodent beepers for even more protection.

Don't forget to plug all holes entering the bottom of your coach with steel wool. Mice hate steel wool and won't chew through it.

Never place moth balls in or around the perimeter of your rv. The gases given off are not good for humans, leave a lingering smell that's hard to get rid of and moth balls kill lot of animals... including your pets.

Be sure to take extra steps to keep whatever type of rv you have mouse free; rodent damage can be extensive and very costly to repair.

Keep on goin down the road... without mice!

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Excellent to know that it works for mosquitos too! Never knew that, but I'll certainly make use of Bounce for the pesky critters when I'm rv camping. Thanks soooo much!
This is interesting...what is it about the Bounce fabric sheets that deters the rodent??? We just bought a small travel trailer that we are redoing and we have already found rat & mouse droppings (I'm sure from a while back, but still scary). Thanks for the tip.
We don't know what makes Bounce work, but it sure does! And, it's my kind of repellant... safe for the kids and pets, easy and (my favorite) Cheap!

If you've just picked up a Good Old RV I'd recommend that you put some sort of rodent zapper in it to drive them out... we like the wallmart $9 electronic one; just plug it in and turn it on for 3 or 4 days and no more rodents! Sound drives the little critters bonkers. We use it, in addition to bounce of course, every time we return from a trip just in case we picked up and "hitchhikers". Who, by the way, LOVE to chew on wiring and insulation...

Have a great time with your new rv and post some photos when you can so we can watch your progress.

pat, linda & lady dog
Some rvers responded to Trailer Life's "rv mouse" article mentioned these effective rv mouse deterrants:

- Irish Spring soap bars still in boxes in all draws, storage and under beds.
- Peppermint Oil found in health food stores. Just soak em in cotton balls and place throughout your camper.
- Cab Fresh. A natural product designed to keep rodents out of farm machinery. Find it in Farm Supply stores.
Bounce really woeks. Put it in every drawer in my last MH and never had a bug or any other critter. Ed
Edwin, thanks for the Bounce verification. So far, Miss Funfinder is critter free! We'll see how i do dry camping in Colorado next month. Ultimate test out west!

1976 Ambassador

We catch the little field mice before they enter by placing plastic 'live catch traps' around the outside of our rv. We think they love a free meal of vegetable protein more than they mind being caught. We then transport them to safe and undisclosed locations somewhere throughout the park. The grandchildren love to see the mice being released and we like the idea of no poison. Plugging holes with bronze wool and even duct tape will work for awhile. We will try the Bounce and report back..thanks for the tip.
Large critters are one thing, but keeping ants out is another. one of the best ways to keep them out during storage or when you are parked dry camping: sprinkle Comet cleanser around any contact your rig has with the ground; jacks, tires, etc. The ants will not cross that. neither with other crawly critters. we discovered this parking at the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon rally, in a dirt lot, full of ant hills. It works.
Also, for those of you that have 5th wheels, make sure you put some kind of plastic bag over your break connection, particularly when stored and not plugged into anything. Mud dobbers love to get into there, and can short out your wiring easily. they also like to get behind your headlights, if they are of the floating variety, not sealed all the way around. we washed a huge nest of them out our Monaco by accident while washing the rig. I hate to think of them getting into the rig while traveling.
Hello all,, As the ranger at a fairly large Boy Scot Camp in Michigan I have been using Downy sheets also. All of our buildings are in the middle of a large woods, so we have a lot of crafty mice to deal with. I have been using the dryer sheets with great results. Just a reminder,,, don't forget to use them in the out of the places also, such as the basement storage compartments, and also they work great to tape a few under the hood to keep them away from the engine air filter. Just be sure to take them out before you start to travel.
Never thought of the air filter. Good tip! Bill and Fawne. Thanks so much.
This might also be a good way to keep critters from getting into your rv in the first place.

Here's a video on sealing the underside of your camper.

Click to see RV Video

I looked all over today for the original or regular Bounce and couldn't find any. I found 4 or 5 different scents but none were original or regular. I hope they still make it!





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