Colorado's Grooved Pavement Almost Kills Us and Ends Miss Funfinders RV Adventures

Well, we now know why folks hate the grooves in Colorado's interstate 70. The grooves were definately responsible for us loosing all control and going into an uncontrollable trailer whip and crash after simply merging onto I-70 in Limon, Colorado at what the locals call "wreck curve"; a standard ashpalt downhill onramp at Limon, Colorado merging not too smoothly into I-70's concrete grooved pavement. Aparently we were the 4th or 5th trailer in 7 months to loose control and wreck there.... And, the very professional and nice State Trooper said that "since there was an accident he had to site us!" and could not blame the road conditions.

We escaped with our lives, but bumper pull trailers are probably not in our future for our usual long haul trips of 2 to 3,000 miles. Neither is Colorado's I70 dangerous grooved interstate highway in the eastern part of the state.

- Our tires were the very best
- Tires check and aired up to spec the very morning of the wreck
- Our trailer hitch was the best and may have saved us from rolling over
- Our gross vehicle weight was 4,600 pounds, about 60% of our beloved GMC Yukons 7,500 pounds.
- Factory installed tow package
- No tires blown
- No cross wind... never a problem anyways; we've towed Miss Funfinder through blizzards in 40 mph winds with no problem.

We were lucky to walk away from this one alive. So, if you EVERY encounter grooved pavement anywhere slow wayyy, wayyy down or get off it right away so you don't wind up like we did.

We had virtually no warning and it was all over in less that 4 or 5 seconds and you can see from the pictures how we wound up.

A total loss on both our bumper pull trailer and our sweet GMC Yukon.

Guess I gotta get back in the saddle again soon. Can't let a near death experience slow you down when the road calls. Hmm, vintage class A, Class C or maybe a bus conversion to restore? We'll let your know.

PS. A great big Thanks! to the Limon EMT's, Fire Department, I70 Road Crew, the State Troopers and to the 8 Eastbound travelers on I70 who pried us out of our rig.

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So very sorry to see your accident! Hope that you guys are OK! I have wondered about the grooved pavement. I have trouble with it without even pulling a trailer. My Jeep Grand Cherokee likes to follow the groves and it is hard to steer. I know the location that you encountered. Another bad stretch near my home north of Denver is hwy 287 between Longmont, Colorado and Loveland, Colorado. Also with all of the construction on Interstate 25 in northern Colorado, there are numerous drop offs of pavement. Have followed bumper pulls and 5th wheels that have had some difficulty navigating these, especially when it happens in an area that narrows and weaves in and out of the original pavement. There are warning signs, but never soon enough, and some very rude drivers have no sympathy or understanding for towed vehicles or even big rigs that try to navigate these obsticals safely. Why do they feel they have to be "first"??

Hope everyone has a safe travel and can avoid some of these dangers.
Elizabeth, thanks for your thoughts! We ar safe with no injuries, just some bruises, thank goodness. It is as close to "the end of rving" as we ever want to be and we are still shook up. It happend sooooo fast!
One second fine and the next totally out of control due to this pavement.

Anyway we are back at the cabin after renting a car and both my beloved Miss GMA and Miss Funfinder are totaled and permanent residens of Limon, Colorado.

We have not decided what to do next since we love our trailers and rving. time will tell.

pat, linda & lady dog
I am so glad you were not seriously hurt. Rigs can be replaced, lives cannot. I have not experienced grooved pavement before, now I will be on the lookout for it. Once again I am so glad you are alive to tell the story and hope you will be able to get 'back on your wheels' and continue your travels in a different set up.
Sorry for your material loss. BUT you got out of it alive, and that's what counts. Vehicles can be replaced, your life and freinfship can not.

Bless you all. Sonny & Dianne
Sonny & Dianne, I couldn't agree more. We're at the cabin and doing fine.
OMG Thank God you , Linda and Lady did not get hurt. You all were so lucky. I can not believe what I am seeing. This is very scary. We had traveled the same road on our trip this summer. I am just glad you are all home safe and sound hugs Ronda and Hal
So sorry about your accident... and GLAD the only casualties were the kind you can REPLACE! We are heading to Denver in 2 weeks, so we'll be very careful on that road. Thank you for the warning... and we'll be watching for your next adventure..... one with considerably less excitement!
Hi Pat,

Just a note to say "thank the good Lord" that you are ok. As much as we love our old cars and old motorhome, they are just material "things". We chose our motorhome just for the reason that it doesn't whip not matter how the roads are or how much the wind is blowing. It doesn't matter how much beef you are towing with, the trailer still outweighs you. In a previous life, I towed first a tag a long and second a fifth wheel. Even with 1 ton vehicles they swayed. The fifth wheel was better but did not stop swaying completely until we went with a dually pickup. Since I was the one following in the extra vehicle I was the one sick to my stomach when we got to our destination. I sure don't miss those days. Happy RVing.

Marty Vallero
I love my bumper pull trailers too and I'm "afraid" (actually i am still a little afraid due to the accident) that i won't be able to go back to them; at least for our usual 4,000 mile trips out of the cabin in Oklahoma. Right now, all I'm steerin is my lawn mower.

Thanks again for the good words. pat
Sorry to hear about your accident. Came here from a comment by Nick (the Gypsy). Please don't bother to answer this if you are planning on suing anyone over this accident!

As a long time puller of bumper hitch trailers, I want to know what you think caused your "going into an uncontrollable trailer whip and crash after simply merging onto I-70". As I read it, when you hit the grooves, your trailer just tried to whip around and pass the truck. Is that right? Do you think the tire tread on the trailer got tossed around by the grooves at a different frequency from those on the truck? Sounds like something straight out of a nightmare! I've slowed down, like to 40 mph, when we were in areas with strong cross winds but so far haven't had any issues with grooved pavement.

Do you mind if I ask what kind of tires you had on the truck and trailer? Our old rig had Goodyear Long Trail TA's on the truck and Goodyear Marathon's on the trailer. Our new rig has completely different stuff. Elizabeth Milner (comment 1) says she has trouble with her Jeep just driving around. That's just crazy! I think I'd change out the tires if it were my car.
Don, I had brand new Michellin's tow rated on all 4 tires of the GMC Yukon and Factory equipped tires on the travel trailer ... can't remember the make so i know this doesn't help. I'll try and find out the type. They did have only 8,000 or so miles on the trailer tire, they were properly aired up that very morning and the rig and trailer towed like a dream all over the US... From Oklahoma to Florida to South Dakota and then out to "the end" in Colorado where we me the deadman's curve grooved pavement of I70 in Limon Colorado. The Yukon, a way stable american made heavy suv, was always rock solid, but seemed to "float" and feel "mushy" or something on the long grooved stretches of interstate we hit. This was in the 5,800 foot high section of the wild lonely on Colorado's easter border with Kansas; they sometimes close this section in the winter due to high winds, blowing snow and blizzards... the long haul guys not too favorite stretch. So, i guess this is why they grooved the cement highway. About 10 other people have said that their rigs did not feel "firm" on the grooved pavement and most seemed to be running radial tires.
I'm not sure if we'll ever know for sure what caused the wreck, but come on 6 wrecks within a mile on the interstate all including a towed vehicle?!! A harley went down one hour after us at exactly the same spot towing a tiny motorcycle trailer. Per normal, can't seem to find any highway folks interested in looking into it. Our Tax dollars at not working again. I'm gonna push this till i get someone on the interstate highway to listen and take an "official" engineering type look. No, even though i grew up in the high mountains of Cal if for ni A I'm not the type to sue anybody. I just get even.

Keep on goin down the road... but get off the grooved pavement if you're towing something.
Hi Pat...I am SOOOOOO sorry to hear of this...I know that road intimately..IT SUCKS..Thank God you all are alright..Sorry for not responding sooner..I myself had a run of not so good luck involving a certain law enforcement officer in Kansas..LONG story....All is well now and back on the road soon....Will catch you up soon..Right now, I am trying to get outta town and head up to Long Draw Res. for some Cutthroat fishing and R-N-R (much needed)...Chat with ya soon...Mike




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