I'm 29 years old, and I bought a new trailer this may. The previous owners didn't really give us much information. We own a small camper and mostly use it for sleeping and cooking and getting out of the elements. So the only thing we really needed to know how to do was hook the propane tanks up. We have used generators so we know how to work that to get the electricity going. But With our new trailer there is more to it such as a bathroom, and a fridge that connects to regular outlet, the previous owners left us with a battery to hook up to the trailer, but we aren't sure how to connect that either. Also with the propane tanks there are two of them that connect to a bracket thing where there is a switch that you flip to open one or the other. Do both propane tanks need to be connected in order for that to work. Because one night we just had one tank and hand that connected and we noticed it was leaking so we checked it out and the gas was coming out of the hose that would have been connected to the other propane tank. The valve switch thing was turned to the side where the tank was but still it leaked out that line is something wrong with it or is that how it's suppose to work? 

We are afraid to use the bathroom in the trailer because we've never had anything like that before. I've watched the video on how to empty the tanks, but I have no clue how to tell if they are fulll or almost full I don't know where the gauges are. Also my dad says that you need to have the generator going in order for the toilet and shower to work is that true? I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, but I'm very confused on all of this because it's new to me. Also from reading the posts on mice, can they get into your trailer through the pipes? We left the pipe thing that lets out all the water from the gray tank opened one night and I think that is how the mice got into our trailer. So that brings me to my next question? how to get rid of mice in a Trailer? We've tried the poisons and of course ran into the problem of having to find them and following that god awful smell of their decomposing bodies. So I've contemplated using the old fashion traps but don't want to deal with the mess. I'm going to try the dryer sheet option and see if that works along with other methods. I'll let you know how it goes. We have just recently moved our trailers onto our storage land and it's just one big open field, I know that is the main source of our problem.  Any help or suggestions is welcome, Thanks!

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Wow, that's quite a list of questions.  

My best advice is to find a good RV place that can help you figure out your TT.  

Yes, both tanks need to be hooked together with a regulator.  

Usually you can use the shower and toilet without a Generator but that means you are pumping water with your battery.   Showering while boon docking is a wet down, turn off water, soap up, turn on water and rinse off affair.  

Mice:  If they don't find a hole, they will make one.  You also need to be aware that birds and bees like to nest in stored trailers too.  Be sure to check the vents, etc for bees nests.  I know they don't like steel wool and I've heard of people stuffing that in openings to deter mice.  Once they are in though.... trap and dispose.  (I don't believe in poisons) 

Good luck, I hope you get it figured out. 

Thank you for your response, Camping season is approaching so Hopefully we are able to get things figured out. Thank you for clearing up the confusion on the propane tank issue. I'm gonna use colored water to make sure that I'm understanding how it all works. It seems pretty easy but I don't want to get it full of waste and then screw it up some how and end up with a huge mess on my hands.. I am looking into other ways of getting rid of mice, ever since I read about owls dying from eating a posioned mouse I don't want to use poisions every again, Not to mention we have pets and small children and I don't want to put them in harms way.  I will definatly check all the holes and vents I can see. That's the problem with Trailers is that there are some places you can't really get into with out ripping the place apart. Thank you for all your advice and information.

I live in the country so mice are always an issue with vehicles, garages, homes and the only sure fire way other than poison is an old fashioned mouse trap that works best when baited with peanut butter.

yeah where we have our trailers it's a huge field so I know that is where they are getting into our trailers and they even got into the truck we had stored over there. I wish there were an easier way of keeping them away. They are destructive and nasty rodents.

rule of thumb on holding tanks,,, they will hold approx what your fresh water tank holds PLUS 7 gallons .   Pepper and steel wool near plumbing holes work great, rodents use there sniffer and pepper and steel wool has worked for me for 27 yrs. with same RV,, no problems

Thank you! I'll have to try that, I've heard of steel wool, but not the pepper. I think we finally got rid of them, but now to keep them out. I hope it works I hate the little buggers 

I forgot to add another important thing when storing a rig near an open field,, Put up a cheap hummingbird feeder,(dollar stores have them and the sugar water lasts about a week ,maybe more depending on the heat). Wasps love Rv's for some reason, But a humming bird feeder keeps the pests away. Ive used them for the last 12 years if Im parked for a length of time and have never had a wasp nest.




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