I would like to redo the cealing and the walls in my camp trailer.  The walls are wood paneled but the dark brown surface is flaking off. I would like to sand them down and put some type of wall paper on them.  The ceiling is not bad but while I am doing the walls I would also like to cover the cealing. Our Motor Home has a nice cealing cover that looks a lot like fuzzy felt and we would like to put it on the cealing of the camper.   Anyone know anything about doing this?  Will wall paper hold up in a camp trailer?  Does anyone know of a source for wall covering and ceiling coveriing for RVs?  Any "lessons Learned" from those who have done this before?

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first off what direction are you trying to go with it.is it damaged and needing replaced why wall paper if you sand them you could either refinish it or go with some paint.depending on your budget and location (where you will buy)if your handy you can make your own covered panels i suggest contact cement /spray adhesive )i prefer 3m)and a proper type of material from a reputable store that sells textiles and fabric if you do a good job of sanding and apply the contact cement properly you could attach any decent material or carpeting permanently you could even segement the walls with fabric and paint for a custom look.

and remember when gluing start from the middle and use a fresh blade in your utility knife and cutting long is always than cutting short maybe google how to upholestry.watch a few you tube videos.

Many thanks for your reply and suggestions. We will most likely start this project in early spring and are looking forward to suggestions that will ensure us a proper selection and lasting application of material.

We recovered our entire ceiling with a brite white automotive vinyl and put new wall paper on the walls that resembles a textured wall in a house. To adhere all of it we used an industrial grade automotive upholstrey adhesive applied with an HVLP paint gun. We have photos posted on this sight, take a look and see if our finished product is similar to what you trying to accomplish.

I like the idea of the interior house look on the walls. We would prefer to do the ceiling with the same stuff as our MH has on the celing if we can find it; most likely avilable at a RV supply store. I tried to find your photos but coould not get to them.

Thank you for the reply and information.   Dwayne Burgess

I would like to say that you could use any fabric that suited your fancy but the issue would be the glue. Spray adhesives are great for a while but with temperature extremes they break down and come loose. I was watching an old Flexible bus being redone by Jay Leno's shop foreman and he was using the square vinyl panels that Lowes sells that look like the old tin ceiling panels but he was using a spray adhesive.

Good luck  by the way I redid my ceiling with Luan hardwood that were then treated with spar varnish--they were fastened in with screws.

I agree with your comment on the spray adhesive, you definitely do not want to use a spray adhesive in a can. Like I mentioned above we used a contact cement that we purchased in a five gallon can from an upholstery supply warehouse. They would not sell it directly to me so I had to get a friend with a resale lisence to purchase it for me. I then applied a liberal coat to the roof and the vinyl with a HVLP spray gun and it is NOT comin' off. If fact it would not come back off in a couple of spots that I was dissatisfied with. It has been about two years since we completed the roof and still looks great.

We did the ceiling in class A motorhome with 4x8 sheets of fiberglass bubble sheets from Lowes,pretty inexpensive and very easy to cut to fit plus they sell matching seams and corner mouldings for a clean finish look and our walls were 1/8th paneling which they had several patterns to choose from.Easy install and not a bank buster....

We did our ceiling with the same thing. But we used 4x8 sheets of laminate (Formica or Wilsonart) on the walls. They do get pretty expensive, but we only needed 2 or 3 sheets, We used Liquid Nails to adhere to the ceiling & walls. Do you have pictures on here?

I wish we were at a pont that we could show off our little day-tripper.  We have a long way to go; and I don't know how to put photos on here.

I will get some photos on here though as soon as I learn how.


we used vertical laminate ,is much thinner and cheaper,my wife used contact cement to glue it 

Thanks for the reply - - -Is this material available at Home depot, Lowes or Ave Hardware? Does the contact cement allow sufficient time to move the paneling a bit if necessary or is it one of those that once the two surfaces touch there is no moving them?


contact cement is a once time placement,We got vertical laminate at Louis &Co,http://www.louisandcompany.com/storefront/branch-finder.ep?id=15




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