I am a International Harvester fan. My '73 Grumman Class A is on an IH chassis and so is my '71 Kragar. I'm wondering how many other members here have RV's on IH chassis. Mine are on the 1 1/2 ton chassis, and the Kragar has Moryde rubber suspension. I couldn't believe how smooth it rides. The Grumman had conventional spring suspension and will shake the grated off the stove burners on rough roads. None of that with the Moryde.  I think it rides smoother than air bags.

    I know that there were a few other brands that were built on IH chassis, so lets make a list of them.      Kirk Hoffman

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have 1973 grumman motorhome on 1510 international with borg warner at 4.88 spicer rear

Hi Bill,

    Are you sure  of the year of your Grumman? I thought IH stopped using the Borg Warner trans in 1972. My '73 has a Mopar 727 trans. The nice thing with the Borg Warner is that you can push start it. I can't with the 727. What kind of fuel mileage do you get with that ratio? I usually get 10 MPG on a good road with mine, I have the 7:50X17 tires on it.  What size are you running?

    Where are you located? I am in Stockton, IL. up near Galena. How long have you had your Grumman?  got mine from my sister in law back in 1997. I've been over a lot of miles with it and have been working on repairing and restoreing it. I rebuilt the transmission last winter, and am working on brake boosters currently. It has been sitting since an engine fire back in 2002, I have it all re-wired and hope to be back on the road this Summer.

      It's good to know there is another Grumman out there. I love the fact that it is a direct decendant of the Grumman aircraft company. Yup, I'm one of those airplane nuts, LOL.   

                         Sincerely, Kirk Hoffman

It's a resent purchase and getting started on project now.It runs and drives and has sticker.The rims were upgraded to 19.5's(good upgrade) . will need top end job(valve seals  bad)this winter, nice ride ,looking forward to running it this summer.it is a 392ih 1510 chassis at .  seems to motor along good with this package,but not checking milage.I found 3 others when I went on the hunt for this model.liked IH chassis for its ground clearence for off road camping. looking for screen door (missing)if available ,but the rest is all there.

Do you still have your Grumman? I have a 72 that I spent 5 years redoing. It has been on the road for a couple of years with a 6.5 Detroit diesel (14 MPG). I have a 392 I spent  big bucks on before I realized it was never going to get more than 10 MPG. Let me know if you are looking for parts including headers, electronic ign. The 392 is the high flow cooling block that was totally rebuilt 10K miles on it now. Also have the 727 tranny that was rebuilt at the same time.

  I am looking for a 4.1 differential to replace the 4.88 that is currently it. 

terry, that's some engine and deal   I'd put this exact picture of this great engine and your outline above in our Classifieds.  One of our 4,000 members has gotta need this badly!  sweet rebuild!   Love to see a shot of the 6.5 Detroit diesel too. 

Hi Terry,

    Yes, that is a good looking engine, makes me wish I Had some money, LOL.

   As a long time diesel mechanic I would never have one in anything I own, Too noisy, messy and expensive to keep up for me. I plan on runing on E-85 and should be getting somewhere around 15 MPG. I ran my '73 IH pickup on it and went from 12 to 19 MPG. For a real engine with none of that electronic garbage E-85 is racing fuel!  My tailpipe was snow white and there was no more of that white grunge in the oil filler pipe on E-85. No matter what those confused haters say about Ethanol, it's really great stuff.

    You might have to change rear axles to find a ratio like a 4:10, I'm pretty sure the lowest gear available for the 1500 series axles were 4:30. Unless yours is on a 1300 chassis, then they are out there.

    I am considering changing my rear axle to a 2 speed, and going with 20 inch tires I have all the parts sitting here waiting to go either into the RV or my service truck  I have an allison trans to use too. Anything for more gas mileage and more pulling power.    

    Where are you located? I'm in northern Illinois in the cold country!     Kirk

 Attached is the finished project. I have to do some more work on the interior but it's pretty much done. I am in NE Ohio (Akron/Canton area).

  A 4.30 would do the trick, if I could find one. I spent a year trying to find a replacement rear end with higher gears. I have a Gear Vendor OD behind the 4L80E but the 4.88 still makes the 6.5 spin a little to fast at 65 MPH. The engine is a 95 and all mechanical, so not much work to keep it humming. I added a dual thermostat crossover and a Freightliner radiator, keeps it running cool.
















Hi Terry,

     That is one nice looking rig! In looking at the pic I'm wondering just which chassis you have under there. It looks like 8 lugs on the front end, which makes it a 1300 series chassis. If that's the original axle that is. The 1500 series has a 5 lug Budd wheel. If yours is indeed a 1300 I don't know which axle options were available on it. I have only had 1 1300 series over the years and don't remember what it had. Maybe even a Spicer rear axle?

    How long is your Grumman? it seems to be configured a little different than mine.     Kirk 

 It is 8 lug. I replaced the original split ring wheels with Dodge dually wheels this year. If you know someone that is into 16" split rings with bias belted tires (10K miles) they can have them for free. I thought about putting a dually rear end under it but since the body is so narrow I would have to have the axle shortened.

 The title doesn't have a VIN so I can't verify the model but I believe it is a 1310. All the brake parts I have bought at NAPA have been for a 1310. It is the 24' model.

Hi Terry,

    I wish I was closer to you, I'd sure take you up on those tires. I don't like radials on anything, I guess I'm old fashioned, but I have seen too many steel belts rust out and destroy things when they let go. All they have to do is sit in dirt for a few months and they're goners. I don't know why they ever stopped making polyester belted radials they didn't rust out. For a camper that is parked a lot I would never go with steel belts. Although I do have a new set of 19.5 Bridgestones for the front of mine. I'll either take them off when I park for the Winter, or put a couple layers of composite boards under them so they are off the ground.  

     A standard pickup rear end should work under there. I had a '71 IH 1210 with the stock rear end and Chevy dual wheels on it. I had to do some modifications to the wheels to make them fit, but having my own machine shop made easy work of that. Your dodge wheels would bolt right on. You might have to change the spring mount positions for your chassis. The new Dualy rear ends are widened so the wheels are on the outside of the truck. I guess some "intelligent" engineer decided that the wheels should be farther apart for some reason. Mine were right at the edge of the truck bed and I just had some rubber fender flares to cover the tires.

     There should be a name plate inside the RV somewhere, Mine is right under the shifter on the drivers side panel. There should be a Grumman plate and an IH plate. The chassis number and model should be on the IH tag.

   Is yours the rear bed option? Mine has the rear bath with bunks on both sides of the body. If you have 16 inch tires and 8 lugs it is definitly a 1310 MH chassis, I have a spec sheet somewhere around here that shows all the options available back then. Pretty interesting stuff. The 1500 series used 17 inch wheels or larger, I have the option to go with the 17's 19.5's or 20" wheels Just a matter of bolting them on. My 1975 500 truck has the 20's on it and I might just steal them for the RV along with the 2 speed rear end and Allison trans. Or maybe a 4 speed I could go either way, but the thought of sitting in traffic with a stick shift and all the clutching makes my bad hip hurt, LOL.

   I just got mine back on the road after an engine compartment fire that took all the wireing and hoses. It's been sitting for about 10 years so I'm expecting little things like wheel cylinders leaking and who knows what else will show up. It will be interesting the first few months. Besides the wireing I rebuilt the transmission, brake boosters, and installed all new brake lines, I did somne interior work and  put in an Onan 6500 generator. Gettingcloser to road trip time. Hopefuly in time for Oshkosh next year.

            How about some interior pics of yours? I can't post for some reason due to a picky computer, need a newer one! I need to make new curtains and re-upholster the cusions in there . And install some new flooring. It's a work in progress.   Take care, Kirk

what is the price tag on the eng-tranny package?  may be interested.   thinking of overhauling my 392 borg warner pkg   or repowering with 440 727 pkg that I have on the shelf. let me know cost   Bill

 I am pretty much in the Christmas spirit. If you are going to use it to keep another Grumman on the road, it's yours. Drop me an email at saynewt@1791.com




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