As promised, here is my post about Scooters and RV's. You are in for a suprise, as I am going to reveal my alter ego, SCOOTER JIM. Yes, I am the infamous Scooter Jim, the guy who is a scooter fanatic and adventurer. I became SJ about 10 years ago, when a friend of mine bought a Go-Ped (I was 36 at the time). I rode his, and being the big kid I am, was instantly addicted. I did a search for a scooter more fitting a full sized adult, and found one. The company who at the time was manufacturing what was called the "Big Boy" scooter had no shops in San Diego, so without a single bit of research on it, I opened a scooter shop, "San Diego Mini Motorsports" The shop jumped in popularity, and I was soon the biggest shop on the westcoast selling stand up motorscooters of many brand types. I personally hosted a monthly ride that became incredibly popular. I set out to break scooter records by riding 300, 400 & 500 mile rides. I started a race league, and was hired by another to host races. All in all a very remarkable journey that has started to wane as scooter popularity decreases.

So with the history, comes the knowledge of good scooters, bad scooters, and the very fitting applications to use scooters. One of the best application I know of for electric scooters is of course IN YOUR RV. Having a scooter to shoot around, tour the campground, RV Park, Marina or where ever is great. Having a scooter to run an errand (oops forgot TP!) is wonderful. Having a scooter to interact with your fellow RV'ers? PRICELESS. Its amazing that to this day I still get smiles, waves, and folks still ask "where did you get that?" Sure, scooters are far more common place these days, but often folks think they are for kids. Heck, my 68 year old dad rides one when he visits, so they arent too scary (its amazing how solid and safe something is when the CG is only 4" from the ground).

Electric Scooters dont make much noise.
Electric Scooters dont go too fast.
Electric Scooters fold, and travel without mess or fuss
Electric Scooters are STREET LEGAL (in most states and acceoted in virtually every campground)
Electric Scooters are FUN. (nothing tops that)
Electric Scooters are cost effective (although not cheap)

If you have never ridden a scooter, get on one. Just try it. BUT... dont blame me if you want one after.

My real tips for successful scooting are:
1 DO NOT BUY CHINA CRAP. Ebay is full of junk scooters. If it is cheap, its junk.
Stick with name brands like Go-Ped and BladeZ.
2 Spend a few more bucks than you may like, it will buy you a quality ride that will work for years to come.
3 Its ok to get a seat. It makes it super stable and even easier to ride (I compare to a Jet Ski, stand up is more manuverable than sit down, seated is more stable). Plus, it makes it easier to fetch a gallon of milk if you have a seat.
4 Dont overcharge it. That actually shortens the life of the batteries.
5 SHARE IT. Let other folks ride it, you will be the hit of the park.

Here's me on one of my X-country rides in San Francisco

On another x-country ride in Santa Barbara

Here I am with one of my favorites, my BIG BOY

Now, yes gas scooters are great for long distance, or short errands but ELECTRIC is still the KING of RV parks. You just cant get away with 'tearing up' a campground. Not cool. BUT... silently zip around the place and watch how many folks ask you where you got it. Yes, I'm an attention whore. I love it. I like being 'Scooter Jim', it reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: "You are only as old as you act". I must be 12.

This is a photo from my hosted monthly ride

And I won a few cross country rallies, this one on the famous Rt66

Thats me, with the 'Christ' pose

This is how I'm most commonly seen!

So yeah, I love scooters. But I also love camping. Its a marrage made in heaven.
I highly reccomend it to all ages. You are never too old to smile and have fun.

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Love the electric scooters. We purchased on Craigslist two Pacelite 707 electric scooters. I think they are out of production. I have had to replace the motor on one but was able to easily find a replacement motor online. They are really fun, amazingly quick, very comfortable and always draw conversation from our fellow campers. We use them with the seats, but when the kids use them they take the whole seat and post off (easy to do with a quick release) and use them as stand ups..which is a blast also.
Chip, reading about your rv Pacelite electric scooters with interest. How do you carry them? In a bay? And, have you had any problems using them in state or national parks? Note sure what restrictions, if any there are. Also, can you run them on the side of the road to get a few groceries, etc?

Think they may be the way to go for rv transportation and fun. Now I'm trying to decide about going with an electric bicycle... see blogs, or a scooter for rving. thanks. pat
Pat, I'll share what I know:
YES, you can run them on the side of the road. Most states recognize them as 'motorized bicycles' due to the fact that by design, it is made to ALSO be human powered (as opposed to mini motorcycles which have no human power feature).

Even where there are no 'motorized bicycle' provisions, nearly every state allows for electric personal mobility devices. Sure, its not a powered wheelchair, but electrics are still ignored when it comes to the 'annoyance factor' (unlike gas scooters).

My scooters fold flat, and can store upright fit in a typical school type locker. Most electrics have SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries that dont leak if tilted or stored upside down.
Hey, thanks Jim! I was wonderin about the batteries leaking and about the "category" they fall in... particularly when we come and see you this spring on our left coast trip.
Hmmm, now i gotta decide on doin an electric bike (got a free mountain bike as a test "frame") or an electric scooter.

By the way, Merry Christmas to you and your clan.

Pat, the batteries are commonly SLA (sealed lead acid) which means they dont leak. You can store them in any position without worry.

Good batteries make a good electric scooter. Finding a used electric for a bargain because the batteries are dead/old is always a good find, because when you put new batteries in, you get a new scooter ride!
hi Jim, what brands should I do a craigslist search for? pat
Good reliable scooter brands are:
Schwinn Currie

Middle of the road stuff is:

Scooter X
Cool, Jim. I'll stay with the
Schwinn Currie

Was also surprised to find about 10 scooter guys and gals at this rv park in Fort Meyers, Florida. they must be reading your blogs!
We do run them at the side of the road, same as a bicycle. Have not tried them in a Ntl park, but we do use them in the California state parks with no issues. They fold up pretty nicely so I do store them in one of the bays on the RV. They are a lil heavy, about 55 lbs so my wife can't lift them very easily, only downside we have found. We have put same accesories as bikes, lights, refelctors, bells etc. They have a bike type of rack on each of them so they are great to run errands on to the store to pick up a few items. A great alternative to a regular bicycle.
Chip, thanks SO MUCH for the information on the scooters. Really helped me. I want to take a spring trip up the Califonia coast and it's great to know that there is now problem using them when rving in the California State Parks.

Would be great to see your scooter is you have any pictures what with those "bells and whistles" you've added... which is fun. Just click on the little green box to Add Photos or post in a blog for everyone to see yours if you can.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas. Pat, Linda & Lady dog
I have been into stand-up scooters for about 10 years now and got into them spacifically to take with us while camping. Unfortunatly most RV parks don't appreciate or will evn allow use of gas scooters so most of my riding has been on the open road. I now have two very nice electric GoPeds that we do take camping.

This is my Li-Ion powered GoPed Hoverboard. It is far from stock, and was not cheap. But I have an honest range of 25+ miles at 14-16 MPH in Econo mode and can switch into TURBO mode for a top speed of 20-23 MPH for about 15 miles. I have a trailer hitch on the rear so I can haul one of two small trailers behind and often do to do grocery shopping.

My other trailer is pictured in the X-country trip picture above.
I had a problem loading the pic so I will have to post it in here.




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