Cheap or Free RV Insulation with Bubble Wrap

How to Insulate Your RV Windows with Bubble Wrap

Up to 50% of heat in your RV can be lost through single pane windows. Installing double pane windows is not in the cards for this old boys wallet. So, what to do? Bubble Wrap, of course.


I've been using bubble wrap for years in our trusty old cooler in summertime. Ice lasts about 1.5 day in it. After getting a delivery one day from Harbor Freight I was left with a nice sheet of bubble wrap. It was just about the size of my old  Coleman cooler.  Next time I iced up I just cut the bubble wrap for a perfect fit and laid it over the ice. Wow, what a difference! I now get 3 to 4 days from from the same ice. Hmmm, bubble wrap for  free and my ice costs for dry camping are reduced by 60% or more. The Mr. Cheap in me really liked that.


Bubble Wrap for Winter

I figured that if bubble wrap worked so well in summer it might work well for winter too. And it does.

Here's some interesting R-value stats from Keep It Solar I ran across:

A single pane RV window has an R value of less than one.

(.8) By placing bubble wrap on the window, your windows R value will be around two. 

C. The bubble wrap increases the R value from about R1 to about R2.

D. RV  heat loss from the windows is cut in half!

How I Install Free Bubble Wrap in My RV Windows 

It's really easy.  It will take you less than 2 minutes per window. You will need a spray bottle, an exacto knife and some bubble wrap.

-Mist the water onto your window.

-Push the bubble side of the wrap against the window.

-The water will hold the bubble wrap to the window all winter.

-You will need no tape or glue.

-Use the exacto knife to cut the Bubble Wrap as the same size of your RV window trimming any excess.

-.Be careful not to score your window with the knife. 

- That's it.

And the bubble wrap will not stain your windows. When winters over, just peel it off and roll it up to use again, use it in your coler over summer or recycle it properly. It can last up to 5 years, all for free.


Recycle Don't Buy Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is easy to come by. Don't ever buy it, rather keep it out of landfills.

I get mine free from department, furniture or applicance stores. Their glad to get rid of it and happy to do so when I tell them what I'm using it for.  Try it you'll like it...   

more to come on Frugal RV tips.

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  • Pat Daly

    Let's see how Lakota's Bubble Wrap test pans out!

  • House Sparrow

    I had enough bubblewrap from an envelope to do just window pane by the head of my bed and I could feel the difference right away. I have also been covering the windows up with small quilts at night.

  • roy vannoy

    Thanks for the great idea. Will be trying this one soon. Florida is hot year round.