For anyone that hasn't heard of it, GacoRoof is - by far - the best roof sealer.


Developed in Seattle, it's 100% silicon!


This comes highly recommended by many RV'ers.


I used it on the roof seams of my 33 yr old Winnebago and it works great!


Be warned - it's NOT cheap - can run between $60-80 for a gallon can but worth every penny.....




well, that's my two bits..........


~Robert the Hair

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Thank you for the quick reply Darren. Based off of what you said, "I should be fine", I will sleep better tonight without staring at the ceiling. I have more to seal, but I will use something different made for RV's like one of the products that this thread has mentioned. The sealant that was up there was not to hard to remove. I thinking that the tar will be a challenge. I will do some homework on it and ask you guys your opinion.

I am the 3rd owner of this unit. The people I bought this from only had it for 4 months and the original owner took excellent care of the motorhome. I want to keep it that way. 

Thank you, Joe

The Eternabond should be a great choice. It is a butyl rubber seam tape and it seals very well without bad side effects if it's not perfect for your application. It should stick very well to fiberglass. It can be purchased from a roofing supply house. One national chain that handles it in my area is ABC Roofing Supply.

Good luck and happy camping!


Do I need to coat the entire roof or just the seams, vents and A/C? There is not coating on the rest of the roof. I have been looking around on other sites, called two R/V dealers and could not get a good straight answer. The roof looks like it is in great shape, even better after I washed it for about 3 hours. lol..... I am going to look at Eternabond.

What would you do Darren if it was yours?

Thanks again


Joe & April,

I would clean and dry all seams. Install Eternabond tape on all seams. It is best to roll them with a seam roller. I guess any type of roller would do as long as plenty of force is applied. I would also recommend a 60+ degree day if possible.

The vents and other penetrations could be sealed with a good polyurethane sealant like "ER Systems" H.E.R. Roof sealant. I purchase this from ABC Supply also. They should have a good coating for your needs as well. The only reason I would see for using a coating would be to protect from the sun's UV rays. For this purpose, I think one of the cheaper coating available from the big box stores should work just fine. I would check labels or website to make sure they would be ok with your fiberglass roof.  

Fiberglass should be able to handle most coatings without a problem. It is the other polymer type roofs that everyone calls "RUBBER" roofs that can be seriously damaged by the wrong chemical make up.

I think the fiberglass can also handle the asphalt products. The problem can occur with the different make up of the asphalt products from region to region and the temps from region to region. What I mean is that a winter grade product used here in Texas can work fine but when it gets to 100+ degrees on the roof, it can melt and run down the sides.

The same product sold in Alaska can have a different formula from what is sold in Texas. So results that one person can have on this forum can differ greatly from someone using the same product in another part of the country.

I hope this will help.

Thanks Darren, Yesterday while we were in Grand Forks, ND at a used RV deal/parts store to replace the heat kit from one of the roof AC units, I saw the Eternabond tape there on the front counter and asked the guy about it. He said the same exact thing you said after I told him about the asphalt I put on it. I am going to remove all the tar before I spend the $95 per roll on the Eternabond. We are planing to run down to New Orleans for the rest of the winter at the Joint Reserve Base (RV Park for active and retired military) . This would be the place to fix the roof if it is ok with them.

The RV life is a daily learning process for April and I.

Now I am off to the hardware store (favorite place) to buy heat tape that forgot it get. The temp was a high of 15, low of 5 yesterday......the black water is frozen. I got this fix handled.

Darren I really appreciate your help and thank you!!!

Like you said before...."Happy Camping"!


 eternabond tape is a good product that I used on my roof before I put the sealer down,it was  snow coat that I got at Menards ,it comes in a five gallon bucket and around 70 to 80 bucks! look at my pics and you will see how it looks! The eternabond tape when applyed on clean surfice and a small roller,it will not come off!

So, I recently had my son use Eternabond on my 1988 Honey RV seams where the fiberglass sides and aluminum sheet metal roof meet. I had bought cool coat or some such elastomeric coating to use also, but and concerned about how to direct water away from areas it tends to pool in by the AC. i take it, shim's around the AC would do the trick. this is necessary prior to the cool coat ... yes? He used self leveling caulk stuff around the vent openings and other places where things protrude from the roof.

I am happy with the job he did... I thought about the cool coat because I am in Kansas and generally camp in hot places, many times boondocking with my hubby and we go to Powered Parachute 'fly ins' where we camp on  or next to runways at small airports in full sun.. Wondered how much difference it would make.

This is how we camp sometimes during fly ins...

Sold on eternabond also, did all the seams. Awesome stuff.

I have a 1970 Noman Camper 19' 6", it has a double skin top (why I do not know) but it does. it is a galvanizes top, paint at one time. I am restoring the camper, removed everything going throw the top and repaired the opening with new galvanize metal. It only had one leak and it has near the first. I Have sealed all the steams and screw heads, have had some real hard rain and no leaks. I insulated the top and installed the new ceiling. What product is best to use on a galvanize roof? Do I paint it first with an oil base paint and then use a sealer  and would it bonded better if  I used a cloth fabric before a plying.




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