this is Randy in Idaho.  we got our first rv about a month ago. a 1977 monaco, class c on a dodge chasiss.  does anyone have experance using a cpap? and know how much electricity it uses.  the last time i went tent camping and used the car battery, it went flat after 3 days, even though i ran the car for an hour every day, it was a new battery and a deep cycle.


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You an me both I guess since Ive been using My blood pressure has finaly achieved normal . With some help from some meds  true  but after I started the CPAP it went down to really normal 120 over 80 normal. A 20 point drop over the best the meds could do.

I'd hate to get off it for any length of time since it seems the outcome is congestive heart failure.

Randy, search for member "Barbara L" -- she is a retired nurse, and has done extensive calculations on how to use CPAP and other medical equipment while boondocking. She can answer your question off the top of her head, I'm sure.

I was thinking a very small Honda Genrator might be quiet enough and be less worry.

I've emailed Barb, and asked her to look at this conversation. She'll be able to give some excellent advice.

Randy, I think a generator is your only safe option.  Running off batteries is hit or miss and any rechargeable unit wouldn't last long enough.  When I used to have kids on vents or cpap we had a battery backup for short term but any that were using as life support had to have a generator.  Depending on your insurance, you may be able to get some help if your doc gives you a script.  Check with your DME supplier to see if they have any medical grade generators that would help capture the insurance coverage.  That being said, if you have a script and insurance doesn't cover, it should be tax deductible.  Hope this helps.

thank you.  i have planned to have a generator.  i have also found a 'battery guide' from 'remed' at this site; http://www.resmed.com/au/assets/documents/service_support/battery_g...

we may see an upswing in easier to use portable devices for all us baby boomers.

Randy Brown


i certainly hope so, I am on oxygen full time and currently use liquid frozen oxygen for my "out and about" unit.  When full it lasts up to 8 hours.  I looked into switching to portable concentrator but it will only work about 2 hours before needing to be recharged.....significant decrease in "freedom" and butt-ass expensive. They need to come up with something!

awesome link, please put in archives.  I have another link about use of oxygen and will send that to you and also post your link to their resources.

i just googled "rving with cpap"  and got a lot of info. check it out and see if anything there works for you.

One might consider a solar battery charger that would charge the battery all day as opposed to running the vehicle motor and trying to get a full charge in a hour or so. I'd have batteries devoted solely to the CPAP operation and not take the chance on running down the one that starts your get away car. 

With respect, Barbara L, even though I own a 1,000w Yamaha inverter/generator, I gotta say it's inaccurate to write that a generator is the only safe option.  I have been camping with my cpap for years without ever firing up the little putt-putt.  

Let's all do the math together.  My Puritan-Bennet CPAP machine says right on it that it pulls 2.5 amperes.  If I sleep 7 hours (wouldn't that be nice!) that 7 x 2.5 amps/hour or 17.5 amps. The Duracell 600 powerpack has a 45 amp/hour deep cycle battery.  Since batteries perform best if you do not use them below 50% of their rated capacity -- and 17.5 amps (for a good night's sleep) is well below that threshold, what is your objection?

However, I will agree that for more than a single overnight, one needs to charge one's batteries.  In my little trailer, I have 200 amp/hours in a twin battery bank.  My Yamaha 1K inverter/generator charges the batteries full (from 50%) in 2 hours. Running a generator all night is entirely unnecessary, not to mention noisy.  



My reply to Barbara's post was hasty and ill considered.  Whilst I still do not believe a generator running all night is the only choice, I have learned (by reading the ResMed site) that they don't like me running my CPAP on a modified sine-wave inverter.)  OK, so I'll acquire their 12vdc converter and run it off the 12vdc in the trailer.





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