Has anyone here used quick roof tape? I found it under old coatings on the roof seams still stuck tight but in places the top layer of tape has peeled back. I guess it works no leaks but old coatings asphalt {I think} caulk were dry and cracked. I don't know what to cover it with. Any suggestions? The asphalt coating on tape and caulk came off quite well but on the paint part of roof it is hard.

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Hi Ann. Seems like you are "digging" into the situation. It's very important to have a clean and dry roof surface before any new or replacment roof material goes on. I would suggest that you open and view the How To section on Roof Repair on the right of the home page as well as Members Vintage Roof Restorations at the bottom of the home page. Also, type roof repair in the Search Good Old RVS box... after logging in and up will pop 5 pages of recommendation and photos, including one of a 9 year old taping Eternal Bond seam sealant on overlapping roof seams and around all vents and air units; it's the go to stuff for cleaned and repaired roofs where there are seems.     Feel free to email any other members who has posted about roof repair... we all try and help each other out.   pat

Hey Ann,

My suggestions - clean everything very well getting all old and/or loose stuff off  where you can as long as you don't run the risk creating a worse problem (gouging the underlayment).  The roof doesn't need to be cosmetically perfect but it should be perfectly dry when you are done.

The stuff I used will coat and stick to almost anything and sorta' level out imperfections.  It wasn't cheap compared to other roof products - but compared to doing major roof and wall refurb - it was. 

Hey Gang, NO I have no affiliation  with these folks other than Lauren and I just used there product. I'm offering it up as another option to look at. Lauren and I are extreamly happy with it. If anyone is interested we have pictures of the application.

Safe-T-Plex 519 White Reflective ElastoRVmeric Roof Coating

With over 9000 packages sold and no reported failures, we are confident that the Safe-T-Plex RV Roof Coating System is one of  the best in the industry. Because we use only superior ingredients in our formulations, our product is not the cheapest on the market, however, if a durable, lasting, maintenance-free roof surface is what you are seeking, consider investing a little extra to get the ultimate in roof protection.





Safe-T-Plex Elastomeric Roof Coating is a high solids acrylic elastomer coating system with superior weatherability, ultraviolet resistance, fire retardancy, elongation, flexibility and adhesion. This specially formulated product is made to contract, expand and flex, and is guaranteed not to crack so as to maintain a permanent water tight vapor barrier. Safe-T-Plex produces a bright white, 92% reflective surface, which effectively reduces cooling costs and heat stress to your roof structure. The product's low dirt pick up and sealing feature will drastically reduce unsightly streaks that are so hard to remove from rv siding.


Tape-Kote Roof Seam Tape is a peel and stick product for sealing joints and seams from migrating moisture. It is ideal for metal buildings, mobile homes, manufactured housing, travel trailers, utility trailers, and semi-trailers, prior to application of Safe-T-Plex Elastomeric Roof Coating.  Tape-Kote provides truly amazing adhesion - it must be destroyed in order to remove it, and destroying it is not an easy job!


Tape-Kote Roof Seam Tape is manufactured from specially formulated elastomeric resins, bonded to a woven polymer fiber for maximum conformability. After the seam tape is applied, Safe-T-Plex Roof Coating bonds permanently to this woven backing, forming an integral, waterproof membrane that remains flexible and will not crack, even in below freezing conditions.


Tape-Kote Seam Tape over joints and around roof vents, followed by two coats of Safe-T-Plex is like covering your roof with a pond liner. Safe-T-Plex flows where water goes, and then sets up like a rubber tire to prevent further leaks.


If these products are applied properly, you can expect to have a maintenance free roof for at least twenty years.

Our Safe-T-Plex/ Tape-Kote System is guaranteed against leaks for 10 years if applied according to our instructions.



By following the instructions below, you can reasonably expect 20 years of dry, maintenance free protection for your RV roof.


Before ordering, determine if your roof is aluminum, fiberglass, steel or rubber sheeting. Measure all seams including the outside edges, cross seams and around all vents, pipes or air conditioners. These seams must be covered with Tape-Kote Roof Seal Tape before coating and we need to know how many feet of tape you will need.



Remove any loose coatings or sealants that are not adhering well to the roof. Rubber roofing has a tendency to develop a layer of oxidization that must be pre-treated before applying a rubber roof primer. Dampen a cloth with acetone and wipe the roof surface. Do not pour acetone directly on the roof. Immediately after cleaning, apply tape to all seams. Remove about 1" of the liner from the tape and press it down at your starting position. Pull the liner from underneath and press the tape as you go, gradually releasing the liner so that the adhesive surface does not come in contact with itself or unintended surfaces. A coating of Safe-T-Prime EPDM Roof Primer must then be applied to the rubber surface to prevent any further oxidization. Do not cover the tape with primer.

Applying Tape-Kote     Applying Tape-Kote

1. Peel back about 2" of clear plastic liner

and press down at the starting point.     2. Pull out clear plastic liner from beneath

and press down as you go



Aluminum and steel roofing requires power washing or scrubbing with water and detergent.. Remove any loose coatings, silicone or sealants that are not adhering well to the roof. Apply tape to all seams. Remove about 1" of the liner from the tape and press it down at your starting position. Pull the liner from underneath and press the tape as you go, gradually releasing the liner so that the adhesive surface does not come in contact with itself or unintended surfaces.



Sand roof using 100 grit paper to remove all shine from the surface. Apply tape to all seams. Remove about 1" of the liner from the tape and press it down at your starting position. Pull the liner from underneath and press the tape as you go, gradually releasing the liner so that the adhesive surface does not come in contact with itself or unintended surfaces.



Safe-T-Plex should not be applied below 10°C (50°F) or if frost or rain is anticipated within 12 hours after application. Remember that Safe-T-Plex is a "coating" not a "paint" and therefore must be applied liberally. Apply  using a long nap Safe-T-Plex roller, in two coats at 90 degrees to each other, allowing approx. 3 hours cure time between coats. Make sure all the tape is well coated. If  you are concerned about too much walking on the roof structure, lay on it instead and use a brush to paint over the tape around vents etc. Use a broom handle on the roller to reach across the roof from either side  to finish coating the surface. Safe-T-Plex will be completely cured over night and will be ready for years of trouble-free protection.


Before you order, please measure your roof length and width and determine which roof surface you have (aluminum, epdm rubber, fiberglass, vinyl, etc.). We also need your address and zip (postal) code, so we can calculate the correct shipping cost.

tape-kote roll

    Tape-Kote 4" RV Roof Seal Tape


Peel & Stick. Incredible adhesion to all roof surfaces. Waterproofs joints, seams around

roof vents, breather pipes and air conditioners. Woven cloth backing assures permanent bond with Safe-T-Plex Elastomeric Roof Coating. Seals leaks for good!


50 foot rolls............$52.45 each

Safe-T-Plex Roof Coating     Safe-T-Plex RV Elastomeric Roof Coating

100% acrylic, elastomeric coating stays permanently flexible.  Will not crack or peel even  in extreme cold. Withstands vehicle movement, expansion & contraction, intense uv rays, extreme temperatures. Provides excellent protection against leaks. Product covers 100 sq. ft. per gal. Requres mandatory two coats. Available in reflective white only.

1 gallon (3.78L).......$44.95 each

5 gallon (18.9L).......$175.00 each

Safe-T-Prime for EPDM Rubber Roofing

    Safe-T-Prime #522 Primer for EPDM RV Rubber Roofing

One part polyurethane primer for EPDM rubber roofing on trailers and motorhomes. Stops chalking, promotes adhesion to Safe-T-Plex Elastomeric Roof Coating. Covers 250 square feet per gallon in one coat.



1 gallon (3.78L)cans..........$58.30 each

PolyPro Deep Pile Roller

    PolyPro Deep Pile Roller


High quality, deep pile fleece roller designed to distribute Safe-T-Plex Roof Coating to the proper thickness. Durable, reusable.



240 mm (9.5") for standard roller frames........$4.75





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