Part 6.
Welcome to the last stretch of Utah. I had made a stop over in Coalville, basically the middle of nowhere.Heading towards Wyoming. I wake up to a few inches of snow blanketing the truck and trailer. I look at the thermometer and its a balmy 51 degrees, inside.. brrrrrrr. Again,, I brew a fresh pot of coffee to start the day. I click the ole thermostat on the heater and it roars to life. (note to self,, set thermostat before laying down). As usual, while I wait for the coffee to finish brewing. I glance at the map, guestimating my stops for fuel.
One real good piece of advice when traveling through hill country in the winter is never drop your fuel tank(s) below half. And if you can, carry reserve fuel in 5 gallon jerry cans WITH a small portable 12 volt electric fuel pump with 2 hoses. Holding up a jerry can while trying to pour the gas into the tank is a feat in itself, hence , using a fuel pump is the best way.
Ok,, coffee is done,, map planned out,, I check weather conditions on the radio,, scratchy at most, but the radio station was apparently close by. I get the 1st cup of joe in and warm up the ole tummy, and I throw my jacket on to survey the situation and get the ole truck fired up.I walk around the front of the truck heading towards the drivers door and I notice a nice snow drift covering the front of the truck, from the top of the hood down.
I go around to the drivers door and get inside, locating my snow brush and get out to clear the snow in front of the grill.
Never start a vehicle with the front grill obstructed. I brush away the mini snow drift and look through the grill grates and the whole front of a/c condenser is packed pretty solid. I go back around to pop the hood latch. I open the hood and there sits a snow covered engine. I guess the snow blew pretty good last night. I visually check the fan shroud for any snow drifts, and I spin the fan a little to make sure it will spin freely. I check the air breather snorkle for any packed snow, and remover the breather cover to check that its cleared. All looks good. I go back around and turn the key and it turns over a little slow at first, but then Varoom.. The ole motor comes to life with a roar. After a few seconds of screatching belts, it quiets down and holds steady at high idle. I walk around to the front and watch as the light snow gets sucked through the a/c condenser and through the radiator, giving the ole girl some cooling air. The Radiator fins are clearing up nicely,, shouldnt have a problem with cooling. I sit there as the engine warms a little then kick the throttle down to low idle. I head back into the trailer,, grab another cup of joe to warm the ole bones.. I fill my thermos back up and secure the coffee maker back in the sink. Mr. coffee,coffee pots fit nicely in the sink and they dont get tossed around on the counter. Now I know someone will be asking,,before I head out the door,, Did I make the bed? The answer is NO. Im traveling, Plus I wont be show casing the trailer in parade of homes anytime soon. I head out the door,, lock it and flip the steps up. head around the truck and climb in and flip the wipers on to clear the melting snow off the windshield. I make a quick walk around the truck and trailer, looking over the tires,lights and all around general pre-trip run. I get back in the truck and drop it into drive and roll foreward a little letting the tires break free from their snow encasement. Crunch, crakle as the tires roll along the fresh snow. As previously mentioned,,, I tap the brakes to get them moving,, and apply the trailer brake switch to get them free'd up and working. A quick tip,,as you rolling foreward apply the trailer brakes on the brake controller and watch in your mirrors to see if the trailer wheels engage and skid a little on the slick surface then release and watch for them to free roll. Also during this time, you will feel resistance as the trailer brakes engage. Ok now,, time for the hwy. We face the truck in the Nothern direction and head back on ole I-80. The road is fairly clear,, the snow trucks must have made an early run. As I gradually pick up speed,, traffic is slim to none as a light snow lingers in front of me.. I call this irritating snow,,, not enough to keep the wipers on, but having to turn them on randomly as you go along. I am up to a safe enjoyable cruising speed, *feeling the road conditions as how the truck handles, and i set my safe speed around 50 mph.
I had mentioned also earlier about the little things in life that you cant just let pass by,, and that is looking in your mirrors watching the snow atop the truck and trailer blow off creating a nice case of white out behind you. It pretty much garrantees you wont have any tail gaters behind you any time soon. As the travels bring me closer to my next destination, Im glancing at the mountain ranges and road side, admiring the fresh coat of snow.
Not really much to see except lots of roadway as you make your way across the border to Wyoming. Next stop, is Evanston,Wy. Here is where I pull off again to make sure the fuel is topped off. While here, I grab a few snacks and ask the tenant about weather conditions, and get good news,,,, Clear road ahead. Back on the road. Wyoming is unique in its own way also. You experience a few hills and vast areas of nothing. Wide open prairies peppered with winter wheat and grasses. You will see an abundance of Deer in herds grazing and even a few antelope. As you cruise along, the deer will look up with out a care in the world and then go back to forging for grass under the snow. Wyoming passes quickly as the journey continues,, watching Farm houses and barns pass by every few miles. With the fuel milegaing doing good and the roadway clear, I make my way to my next pull off fuel stop. There is a nice truck stop close to the turn off of the I-80 Buisness route. Which will take you through Bridger and Lyman Wy.  This is a choice you can make traveling through here is to stay on the main hwy or take the scenic route, The scenic route will only add about 35 minutes to your trip, But it does have the 2 towns to look at. I make my stop just outside of the turn off to top the tanks,, a potty stop and some fresh coffee. I take a stroll to stretch the ole legs out and look around at the vast nothingness of the middle of Nowhere America. Its actually very beautiful country,, and during the summer months, they have several rodeo's to attend, if you feel the need to witness the great American cowboy, doing what they do best. While Im in the fuel stop, I do another truck and trailer inspection,, tire pressure, visuals etc.
All is good to go. The best of Wyoming is yet to come. This is what traveling through the state is all about. The next stop is the highlight, the Crem'e de la crem'e, of the northern route. Im talking about Little America... This is one of the Largest Truck stops in the Northern states. It is a town of its own so to speak. Ok, enough of that right now,, we need to get some miles under us and get there. Its like Disneyland for travelers. A big kids toy store. The miles go along uneventful as the bill board signs advertise whats ahead. What seems like forever, Like a kid waiting for xmas morning,, your with in eye sight of the Worlds biggest truck stop. Little America Wy. U.S.A.. You take the exit, which feels like arriving in Las vegas, The flashing lights, winter tourists and truckers all pulling in.  You pull off into the parking lot, which by the way seems like its miles and miles wide, filled with truckers and a few scattered RV'ers and tourists.
Little America has everything, A huge fuel station, grocery stores,trinket shops and every accessory you can possibly think of for your truck and trailer. They even have an ice cream shop, barber shop, beuaty salon, arcade, tv room and numerous resturants., A car wash and truck wash and even showers and motels. They have 12 full RV sites with full hook ups for a fair charge for over nighters. This is where, I will call it a day, and go drool at all the bling bling shiney stuff for the truck.

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Comment by Russell E Johnson on December 12, 2015 at 6:04pm

Well considering you are driving thru some of the most boring sections of America this has been an interesting monologue. One thing you forgot to mention about eastern Utah and all of Wyoming is that the snow never melts, it wears out from blowing back and forth. LOL

I hope there will be another installment, can't leave yourself stranded in Wyoming for the winter. It is not a fun place to be in below zero temperatures.



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