Today we began to restore our 73' FANC after being domesticated and home bound for the last two years due to medical problems and the normal everyday BS that we all go through at one time or another. Well last night my beloved wife and I looked at each other and said Spring is coming and the camp ground and the natural forests are calling our names once again so here we go again out into God's green country.

 True we have much work ahead of us and a few repairs and a tad of painting to do and packing the supplies before we hit the old highways and back roads but you know how it is when the fever sets in and you know the only real cure...So with that said our journey to begin our travels again has begun.

 We will be posting photo's of our restoration progress and if you're interested to see what a blind man and his wife can do with a lot of love and patience....stay tuned.

  Alright another exciting day in North Florida! (02/27/2016) 23:15 zulu time :)

Yesterday was yet another fun day at the Doctor's office with my beautiful wife, long story short they don't have a clue in hell what they are doing. Good thing we believe in herbs, exercise and a good diet!

 Then the fun began it was off to the store to spend more monies on supplies. Well today we worked for a few hours trying not to get to flustered which is some times hard when the PTSD kicks in ----however we made it through the day and I am yet still breathing remembering not to take this job to serious and to have fun knowing in the end our 73 FAN will be a work of art. Plugged up more holes, chipped away the rotted paneling, pulled out the old refrigerator (that was fun)???

 Not sure what type of small refrigerator I/we will replace it with. Had my wife crawl under the camper well for Pete's sake the damn holding tank was gone...! So we had a good laugh that's after my glorified cussing fit, which had all the neighborhood dogs barking.  I say they were laughing at me.

 It's been one of those fine after noon's let me tell you after calming down. My wife had a hoot of a good laugh, what could this old Sailor do but laugh too. After that it was time for coffee I don't drink alcohol ( not in 28 years) but I drink gallons of coffee per day.  So the day was not a total FUBAR remember this is suppose to be fun after all and good therapy according to my VA counselor....HAHAHA... HooYah!

 Well the weatherman claims cool weather for the morrow so we may take the day off and work on our online shop some more, we added a whole host of new products for all types of camping folk.

Our site is with cafepress. We don't make much but so far it has helped buy minor supplies for our camper.

 So until next time Get those Rv's & Campers ready Spring is almost here!

  Good after noon Dearest Friends,

what a wonderful warm day we have had 70 degrees and the Sun is shining bright.

Today we laid plush cream carpet in our vintage 1973 FAN - Lee Liner, put on the 4 new tires. Over the next few days we shall prep her for her new outer paint job which should be a blast for us old farts to do. We are in deep discussion as to what colors to use perhaps "Wild to Mild" or the old "Boring to Normal" but time will tell and you will have to wait on the photo's. Yes it is true we have a habit of "Shock -n- Awe" when it comes right down to it, although we promise not to scare the clothes off you all...well maybe just a tad...LOLMAOROF!!! hahahaah.

 We are a bit old school rockabilly.  Once the paint is done then we must choose a warm fuzzy mural for her back side, yes we are still looking for the perfect one, and of course the unique antique tail light's and running lights.

 We still have a bit of inside work to do and of course to kool seal the roof, but we are having a good time doing it... So until next time keep the coffee pot full and the home fires burning and we will update you all again in a few days.

  Howdy folks,

what a good day to day was, no problems with my PTSD, got some work done on the camper. Sealed the windows, fixed all the screens, worked on the small sink had to remove it due to it just turned to dust, so much for old plastic sinks hahaha.

 Was around 76 out side so it was perfect for us both. Did some sanding on the outer body due to lack of funding this month we wont paint, may next month we shall see how the crow flies. So it's time to shower, coffee and figure out diner to night. You all be good or at best good at it and we shall update you later....


 Good evening dearest friends and members,

it was a beautiful day to work on our camper we were blessed - we received some beautiful sturdy looking materials (donated)  so we decided to re-do the old upholstery I will post the photos the before and after. So we spent the day cutting pinning and hand sewing  each one. It was not easy for me but the wife and I had a good time doing it. I want to give a shout out to the person who donated the material "THANK YOU & BLESS YOU" 

 As you all know all our work is being done with the donations we receive through our gofundme page. So now on to other news, in the morning after coffee we shall do the other cushions... Keep your fingers crossed I don't sew my fingers to the material....HAHAHAHA.

 Will let you all know how our progress is coming along.

2016/07/04 Well hello my friends no we did not die, nor travel to another planet. The wife and I have been busy sanding the camper by hand on days it was not raining like hell. Let see we made curtains, laid new flooring, new carpet. new cushions, new dining table, new rest-room fixtures, and today we started painting, three colors (satin black), (satin blue,) and (satin yellow). We started early this morning and finished maybe 30 minutes ago we did take a two hour break. We have completed most of the black on the lower bottom of the camper. In the morning if the weather holds we will begin taping and painting the blue satin. I am posting a few photo's of what is done so far. So that's the basic up date for today...Was wonderful to speak to you once again..... Not bad work for a blind man :) :)

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Comment by Dawn Michelle on April 8, 2016 at 6:56pm

Just a nod of support.  North Florida born and bred.  I know nothing that can be of assistance, but sometime in the next year I'll have my own rig and I'll be crawling under her going awwwh, $%#&. So following your travails.  And, travels :-)  

Comment by Don Head on April 1, 2016 at 9:21pm

So the day was not a total FUBAR remember this is suppose to be fun after all and good therapy according to my VA counselor....HAHAHA... HooYah!

I have decided to see if I can help you "Veterans", being a Veteran myself and a VA member in good standing I truly believe I will be able to get a 'handle' on your problem. I have located you on your travels. Ha Ha Ha ...Take a look!   Ha Ha Ha

Are you beginning to see more clearly now?

Comment by Yoseif & Shayndel Leevy on March 21, 2016 at 12:49pm

Today we opened our club on the group page. Give it a read and hope to see you there.

We also have completed hand sewing all the cushions and finished hand sewing the curtains. Now it is time to begin the big project: Hand Sanding The outer body of the camper. After we will prime and paint...

Keep a weather eye open for photos.

Comment by Yoseif & Shayndel Leevy on March 3, 2016 at 12:27pm
Thank you so much, it's hard work not being able to see to good but I know when it is finished it will be worth it What takes a normal person 1 hour to do takes me 4 or longer. However it's fun and I my beloved does what she can to keep me focused and relaxed and smiling so that really really helps. Thank you for the advice ...
Comment by Jimco_W001 on February 25, 2016 at 6:38pm

Hi guys, please keep us updated.



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