I recently purchased a1978 class A and have been going through her top to bottom. One problem is the exhaust manifolds are shot. The moto is great, only has 34k original miles but was poorly kept. I have been reading that it was a notorious problem wih this motor. I want to run nothing more than headers. Found a set with summit racing pn# hed-79130 specified for clas A application. I was just wondering if anyone has any comments? Would it be too loud? Problems passing emmissions etc... does anyone have any experience running an advanced exhuast? I am planning on towing a bltowing my car and wig ssome other upgrades it may help with low end power at least which may help.? Thanks

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Thank you, great tips. Tearing off the rotted rear wall right now and when im done i will definitely heed your suggestions especially the additive, great suggestion.

Hi Joseph,

   I put headers in the GORV search box and there was a lot of info on headers as well as the 454 chev motor.  You probably already checked that but if not it's worth a look.  I just finished new exhaust on the Cabana and stayed with stock manifolds but jumped to 2 1/2 inch pipe about 4 inches from the manifold.  Hope this helps, Tony, Joy and Cool Paw Luke

It seems to be at least this is a good idea. I have seen probably 100 weld repairs done on this exhaust system. The mounting and length of pipes was not designed well enough to handle all of this vibration. I will check out that search, thank you.
So just to be clear, you jumped to a larger diameter tube and retained the entire length exhaust system right?

Hi, can't talk to the specifics of headers, but did fix a warped exhaust manifold on my 1977 440.  I was able to level the machined surface with a belt sander and straight edge.  My biggest problem was a busted bolt, even after liberal usage of rust buster and heat to break the nuts loose.  If I remember right, there is something funky about the heavy washer type spacers under the nuts; different thicknesses maybe?  One thing that I would recommend is exhaust cement; I have used it on several systems that I couldn't seal normally, and never had a problem with it.  Good luck!

Correct Joseph,

    I ran duel pipes back to the muffler at 2 1/2 inch, twin inlet muffler (2 &1/2 in, 3 inch outlet muffler) and 3 inch out and dumping out behind the rear tires.  Pretty much stock but larger pipes and muffler.  If I had a ton of $s I would buy after market cast iron manifolds.  I did what I could without spending a ton still about 500 into the whole job having the manifolds surfaced added a bit but worth it.  I debated headers as well.  The rig sounds good but we have yet to make a trip.  Were hoping for 1/2 to a mile more per gallon.  She was pretty restricted with the old set up.  Hope this helps, Tony, Joy and Cool Paw Luke

Mine has 2 1/2" pipe all the way to the front of the rear tires where it exits.  It rumbles a little, but I'm usually not outside when it is running.

  Joseph, I have a 74 Dodge Travco and I run Headers as well. If you are looking for Performance, this is the way to go. The 440 has around 400ftlbs of touque. The stock 440 is strong enough to pull anything. Headers will improove fuel mileage, and will help you pull long hills better. As for what kind, any thick flange Header will do. The reason for a thick flange is so it doesen't leak. I also use copper gaskets, (not cheap). I also advise to use lock tight on all the bolts except the end bolts on both sides. Those bolt go into the coolant passages, and you will need to use a thread sealer of some sort (many out there for this). I also suggest that you have them coated with a HPC Coating of some sort. I suggest Aluminacoat. It looks good and helps the flow and cooling aspect of the Header Performance. If you have any questions feel free to call me, 405-812-8204 My name is Mike. I am a retired Auto and Diesel Tech of 25+ years.

Thanks buddy!


I would really like to give you a call! I've got a bit of an issue right now and was hoping for some advice. I was an engine mechanic for several years as well but very new to RV'ing and need a little expert help. What day and time is best for you my friend? What time zone are you located in? Thanks a ton for the reply btw!





you are welcome to call and I will do my best to answer your questions but I am not a mechanic and did not do the exhaust work myself,

 Mike, 954-655 6569 EST Florida




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