For anyone that hasn't heard of it, GacoRoof is - by far - the best roof sealer.


Developed in Seattle, it's 100% silicon!


This comes highly recommended by many RV'ers.


I used it on the roof seams of my 33 yr old Winnebago and it works great!


Be warned - it's NOT cheap - can run between $60-80 for a gallon can but worth every penny.....




well, that's my two bits..........


~Robert the Hair

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Tim, is the site.  Direct link to the kit here:

GacoRoof Adhesion Test Kit.



I have been in the roofing industry for over 30 years and an RV'r for longer than that. ALL ROOFS ARE NOT THE SAME!!

Anything that is 100% silicone will be a quick fix that will turn loose from most surfaces within 6-12 months. Too many people are selling quick fixes for RV and flat roofs. Most homeowner installed coating do little more that reflect sun. The roof surface DOES have to be extremly clean. The type of coating used varies GREATLY depending on the type of roof. Metal, EPDM or PVC.

Most older roofs are metal. Most models made from about mid 1990's were PVC (White) but many people including MOST RV repair and sales stores call them rubber. A rubber roof is EPDM and is normally black just like an inner tube.

I would look for a roofing product NOT AN RV FIX ALL!!

Eterna bond is one such company and they make different products for metal, PVC, and EPDM. They make different products for repair -vs- coating as well. Metal seams should have a scrim or repair tape installed before coating.

Other products to look at would be made by:




If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Investigate before you invest.

Darren, I put GacoRoof on my '78 Winnebago RV 4 yrs ago - since then I've put over 50,000 HARD miles on it.

The RV's stock roof is a solid aluminum sheet with edge trim and painted aluminum walls.

The GacoRoof had bonded completely to all surfaces - even the ladder mounts - and sealed all the leaks we were having.

Not sure why you think silicon doesn't bond, we've had great luck with it.


I'm glad you have had such good success with the product you used. That's really what matters. My point was really to stress that there is no one good product for all RV roofs. An educated consumer can make much better choices.

I stand by my statements that silicone rarely works long term for roof repairs. They do work much better on metal than they do on the many other types of RV roofs however.

The RTN roofing site scratches the surface of what I was trying to explain. An elastomeric roof coating is what most manufactures of EPDM, PVC and TPO systems would tell you to use for those products.

It's even harder to understand what type of roof you really have when so many PROFESSIONALS in the RV business refer to all these TPO and PVC roofs as "rubber" roofs.

I have never seen an RV with a rubber roof.

My intent was to try to help and never to insult.

no insult taken, Darren.

no worries, just stating what we've experienced....

I did a little looking this good site to learn about rubber roofing material pros and cons.

 Ive owned RV's since the seventies, and had excellent luck with the white elastometric roof coating, its always stayed stuck down , never peeled off, never flaked, never leaked wooooooo hooooooooo cant ask for more. Of course, Im sure different people have had different experiences with so many different products out there, but all I can say is this stuff has ALWAYS worked great for me....... 


 John T in Indiana

Hi I was wondering how many coats did you apply?Thanks ben


I have already purchased a gallon of the Thetford Premium RV rubber roof cleaner and conditioner. We have a 37' 1984 Vogue II. With appears to be white EPDM, not sure. Do you have any experience with this product? Thanks

test results don't match your assessment sir...respectfully....Gaco is fantastic!!

I used the elasotomeric white coating on mine. Cleaned and scrubbed the top with detergent and degreaser and then when dry applied a good thick coating with a brush and roller-after drying for a day or two added a second coat. This is tough stuff.I don't have much faith in silicone. I have yet to have even the slightest leak. BTW I got my sealer from Tractor supply.

so what was the price of this at tractor supply?




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