It never stops amazing me how regulations and such keep changing with each given year,,, month or even possibly on a daily basis,.

Like starting off a typical day, like checking the mail,, bills bills and more bills,,, and who the heck is BILL anyway? Does he have an important position the government? And IF they are BILLS,,, then why am I getting them? I would prefer to get Benjamins in my mail,, but till then I guess we ares stuck with BILL. (uggg), Maybe if they called them William,, it wouldnt sound so harsh,, oh well,, its life. I got into some serious and somewhat humorous conversation with some old buddies and we couldnt help but laugh at one states compliance rules. For example, I made a point awhile back about having to get my 5th wheel smogged,,, yes,, you read that right  my 5th wheel **Trailer smogged.

Let that sink in for a minute. No genset installed, a trailer that has to be pulled by a truck. Well this wonderful state, Called Kaliferna, (ok California). They would not renew my tags till I presented them with proof of smog, (which by the way is done electronically from smog station to DMV). I even took the 5th wheel to the smog station and fater a few laughs from the technicians,, was told, you can't smog a trailer, Well duh,,, I knew that, and the techs knew that,, But the braindead DMV BOTS didnt seem to have a slight clue,, Im not really sure these DMV employees are not abusing their medical HERB card. I even got 2 statements from 2 smog stations saying you cant smog a trailer,, like there is no engine to produce smog and no tailpipe to put the sensor probe into,, its Not rocket science,, well maybe to the DMV people.

So we had to choose an alternate route to get tags and be legal on the trailer, We go down to the Tx DMV,, (oh boy what fun) I would have preferred to have tiny paper cuts applied to my eyeballs. I have title in hand, and a handfull of saved registration slips, and this lady with a standard Gov, I.Q. of 3  says I need a bill of sale from the owner.

Ok,, So I take a piece of paper and write myself a bill of sale to myself,

She is not amused, and I tell her, I have owned this trailer since new,

She says,, I need the bill of sale from the ORIGINAL owner,, a.k.a. the Dealer.. Hmmm, I tell her the dealership is no longer there and the dealer is probably long gone,,, and of course,, she asks,, well where did he go?  I said well maybe at the time I bought the trailer, he was in his late 70;s, and maybe he retired in Florida,, Maybe you can call around and find out,, he is more then likely over 100 years old,, so that should narrow your search down. Apparently she was not amused,, I wonder why,, she started it. She said they couldnt do anything unless I got a bill of sale from him,,, I ended our conversation by aking her,, do you have a receipt and bill of sale for that hidious blouse your wearing?.. and walked out. Now plan B fell into affect,,, I have to obtain a BOND title, where you pay some storage shed lawyer to hold a bond on the title for 1 year,,Just in case a previous owner comes forward to claim the property.

So we pay the $150  plus and I sign MY TITLE over to my better half and sell it to her for $1.. She goes down and registers the trailer,, gets shiney tags and a sticker and didnt even need a smog check.

Now years later,,(getting back to the mail )  I get a letter from good ole Kaferna saying they are going to suspend my registration for failing to bring my tags up to date. Registration fee's with taxes and penalties etc,

Boy oh boy,, ya just cant fix stupid. I call them on the phone and explain, I have sold the trailer and no longer have possesion of it,etc, etc.. This dim witt goes on to explain that I failed to notify them of the sale of the trailer and I am responsible for all back fees still. Oh really?  No seriously REALLY? Face palm. I said, Im sorry, But I dont need to notify anyone about what I buy or sell,and hung up,,, Big mistake.

2 weeks later, my Lic, is suspended for failure to pay back registration fees and penalties. I go down to my local Tx DMV and inquire about it and the lady there, which by the way is very nice,, says Ca, says you have not paid the back fees etc is why they suspended your Lic, and a few keystrokes on her computer, she straightens it all out,, She even prints out a copy of the trailer sale and date etc and says Ca. just tries to collect on fees when there are none,,, Im all good.

Now this isnt the end of this story (most of you know,, My middle name is SMART A$$ ).. I call Ca, DMV and get to talking to a supervisor on the situation,(stirring the sh** pot so to speak), After explaining how stupid they were etc,, I ask, the supervisor that if they are after me for paying for something I dont own, Can I send a BILL (or a William) to them for total stupidity? And I threw in,,, you still havent told me how to get the 5th wheel SMOGGED if I ever visit your state again,, I would really like that info for myself and friends so they will know.

Ca, really is a nice state to VISIT,(only), Another issue I found out while living there on a work contract,, That the DMV has a law on the books they use to really screw the vacationer. It states that if you are going to be in the state for more then 8 days, you MUST register your vehicle (RV etc). That means Getting Ca, tags and smog,, till you leave back to your home state then having to again REG, back to your home states tags etc,,, BUT there is loop hole,, If your filthy rich and have a hunert bazzion dollar rig,, they kind of over look that little law,,,,,,

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No more cal. Wine. In fact I think we should guitar buying raisons and such too!!!!




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