Hey all, I'm a new RV owner,  1981 Pace arrow 33'.  My question.......When I bought her she ran superbly, filled it up with Minnesota non ethanol fuel, drove her 270mi back home towing my station wagon on a full car carrier with no issues.  Got back to North Dakota, filled it up with the only gas available 87 octane e10.  parked it for a week, then when driving it to a shop it started misfiring badly, at idle and under throttle.  The farmer which owns the property Im storing the rv at suggested that e10 was my problem and that the old carburetors run too lean on e10.  considering that the plugs, wires, cap & rotor were fine, is this a valid point??  also would the e10 cause gunk to clog fuel filter starving the 454??

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Those 454's can be picky with certain lo octane fuels and especially with some of the Corn fuels etc. And sounds like the ole farmer made a valid point,,,,, 454's HATE running to lean,,

Another point, some of the fuels now at yur local pump stations have additives and what not to *CLEAN engines and fuel system, and I would probly put a bet, that E10 fuel cleaned up the ole varnish fuel in the ole fuel tank and sent it right on down the fuel line to the safety of the fuel filter, Thus clogging it with all the GOO that has hybernated in the fuel tank.  Take a sample of fuel from the tank,,either siphon or from fuel line and see if you have major discoloration and goo floating in it. Mason jars work good for this visual looky at the fuel.     Hope this helps a little for ya.

Thanks for the reply, headed up to the farm this weekend to siphon out the fuel, replace filters and fill it up with real gasoline.......

Here is a "suggestion" for you if you would like one. E10 is a fuel made to burn "lean and clean", therefor causing the older Big Block (454,440,460) carbureted engines to run hot, and also misfire. By burning "lean and clean" means there is not a lot of lubricants in the fuel. E10 is NOT a dirty fuel like we have been running for years. What I mean is they have taken most of the sulpher and minerals out of the fuel for lubrication to make E10. The alcohol  therefor burns hotter and cleaner than most other fuels. When I am on the road and I find myself having to fill up with an alcohol based fuel, I will put a quart of trans fluid in the fuel tank and add 25 gallons of fuel and for every 25 gallons of fuel I put in. I normally only put in 25 gallons and 1 quart of tranny fluid and proceed to another fuel station later down the road. This is a way to help lubricate the cylinders and keep the engine from running hot and misfiring. Yes there will be a little smoke from the tailpipe, but you will probably never see it. This will also help keep the parts in the carburetor lubed up and help the seals in the carb from rotting from the alcohol. As I said this is what I do, Being a retired auto and diesel tech this is the safest way to keep from harming your engine. If you have any questions, friend me and I will give you my phone number and you can call me on any mechanical issue.


I have an 87 mh with a 454 and I use Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment, is this a good alternative or should I use tranny fluid as you suggest?

  I have a later model 454 Vortec now, but used to run throttle body 454's and them dern Ford 460's. I have had excellent results using Lucas Top Oil Lube/ Fuel Conditioner (the big one quart clear plastic bottle supposed to clean valves and other things) plus Lucas Gas Treatment. BUT THATS FOR REGULAR UNLEADED GASOLINE NOT ETHANOL.

 John T

Russell, Lucas is an excellent fuel product, but the expense is so great  when treating 100 gallons of fuel. It takes 1 quart of lucas to 100 gallons of fuel @ the price of $10.00 +, a qt.Trans fluid is $1.99 a qt . give or take $.50. That's why I suggest tranny fluid. You can also use Marvels Mystery Oil (MMO) if you want, it has the same effect, and cost about the same. I always carry extra trans fluid, lucas and MMO in my coach. just in case I need it.  It is up to you, as I tell everybody, I am a retired Auto and Diesel Tech, and have seen the failures that are caused from the fuels run today. This is a mere suggestion for anyone. My knowledge and past experience that had led me to do studies on engines to see what works the best. My 1st choice is MMO, 2nd is Lucas, 3rd is Tranny fluid. But the results were all very equal. none outstood another. What I am saying that when treating 100 gallons, it is by far cheaper to use tranny fluid. That is why I suggest it. Also note that this does not just apply to Ethanol bases fuels. This can be used in all fuels as well. With the way fuel is being made today, any extra lubrication helps. Hope this helps.


California doesn't have pure gasoline anymore. Its now e10 10% ethanol. summer of 2013 my 1968 Jeep kept boiling fuel in the lines up in the high mountains. And thats with a recirculating fuel system and insulated fuel lines and 4psi fuel pressure. This summer 2014 at same elevations and with no repairs or fuel system modifications, my jeep ran fine, so I guess they reformulated the fuel somewhat. Ethanol boils at lower temps than gasoline, with high pressure electronic fuel injection systems e10 isn't a problem, but with a carburetor fuel pressures are much lower which can allow ethanol blends to boil in the fuel lines.




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