I've been looking for a setup for the center dashboard for the Allegro that will  function as a sort of information center. A decent size flat screened gps unit that can also act as a back up camera and potential media player.

The idea is to mount it centerline, just to the right of my dashboard console, so my co-pilot can access it and I can see it.

If anyone has explored this option it would be great to read your stories and experiences.

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Try looking at PPL's web site. They sent me an email yesterday with a sale on a GPS unit and mount from Rand Mcnally. I'm not sure what all the features are but take a look it might be what you are looking for or you may find something else that does.

Amazon.com  has several Combo GPS,Camera STEREO"S around the $100 to $150 mark and UP..

Good morning. Daniel; 

     A very good question. 

     I have also been looking at back-up cameras for the back of the Winnebago Elandan, and it is turning out to be a challenge. 

    I do have a large GPS box which has an external video input, and it would serve very well as a display for a back-up camera.  The main problem is getting the 75 Ohm video signal coaxial cable from the center of the back cap up at the roof line back to the front of the motor home near the driving position.  Finding access to an existing channel along the side of the roof from the back to the front, and then pulling the coaxial cable through it is not easy.  Getting power to run the video camera is fairly simple.  I can just tap into the 12 VDC used to light the back-up lights to power the camera when it is needed.  I just need a good way to get the video signal up front. 

     I have also looked at the "wireless" back-up cameras, but they will have a separate monitor and receiver for the 433 MHz RF signal from the camera location.  And the price is much higher, as might be expected.  The ones that I like so far seem to be in the $600 to $900 range for something with a signal quality similar to a direct coaxial cable run.  While the installation certainly is convenient, requiring only the provision of the 12 VDC operating power, I am not sure that I want to go that route just yet. 

     I hope that you or one of the others here on the forum can find something that will truly meet the need for an "add-on" installation.  I will keep looking also. 



          Latté Land, Washington 

Its not hard to run a hardwire camera system I am running 6  (Yes, thats SIX cameras).To a portable DVD player/monitor,, after running through a Video (RCA) switcher. I tried the wireless,, and they work super great in the driveway, away from microwaves and blenders and the occasional C/B radio chatter. But get out on the highway, and forget about it..(Of course I run mine ON so I know whats going on around me and under me and along side me the whole time.).I have a blog about Back up cameras and what I use them for, besides backing up. I built my own set up for pocket change compared to some of the set ups. The wifes truck has a wireless back up camera, and its viewed through the rear view mirror, and hopefully no one is using a microwave or a blender etc while shes backing up,,, instant fizzle lines.. Im converting hers back to Hard Line RCA.

My RCA lines run UNDER the RV along the frame in PVC tube, protect the wires from the elements.

This newer 5th wheel is going to get the same set up, 2 at the back lower bumper, 1 at the top, and 2 at the front lower facing backwards towards the axles.. That will work nicely with the 2 on the back of the truck, 1 is high,(roofline) and the other below the bumper. Your only limited by your imagination and what all you will be using the back up cameras for,, if you want to use them for more then backing up.

Amen on the pvc under the chassis. I have a system setting in my camper un used un installed but I will be doing that after I get the new Monster transmission installed, it's a two channel unit off Amazon for $139.00. It has a seven inch screen and a really good picture with night vision. I'm mounting one in the head looking out the window; mounting it right up against the glass and the second will be up high and looking back down the right side.

Wish I'd known about the wireless pitfalls - I haven't wired mine yet, but I went the Garmin GPS route 5 inch nuvi 2598 refurb.  Decided at 9-1/2 feet didn't need the RV model.  And at 21 feet (less from cab to back of camper) hoping the backup will work better than mentioned here.  Planning to wire it into the taillights rather than brake so I can turn it on whenever I want by turning on the headlights - Garmin is supposed to allow (in that model) a toggle back and forth between maps and camera.  I suspect there are going to be times I want that rear view when driving not just backing up.

I'm really pleased with the mount: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IQ57Z4K/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_... - swivels, sets up or down out of the way of the windshield, and easy access for both driver and passenger (well, assuming you have long arms!).  

Course this doesn't include the music.  I'd hoped a wireless bluetooth fm transmitter would be the solution for us - cheap and don't have to replace the 8-track, okay - it's cassette, but woohoo 80s :-)  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to actually work well when the engine is running.  I'm going to try wiring in a 12v accessory into an empty fuse slot and see if I can't cut out the 'buzz'.  If I can solve that it will make it nice - can run the music from the phone or an ipad which the passenger can manage easily.

Also went with magnetic mounts for devices https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RBBT9SA/ref=oh_aui_search_deta... and with a second try got it attached and pleased with it.  Unobtrusive, but does what it says it will.  I haven't tried it but I think the larger backs will manage the ipad2

Not all in one, sorry, but maybe there's something in there to add to all the great ideas here.

You may want to rethink using the cigarette socket it is a high current outlet. It would be far better to find an auxiliary slot on the fuse block or run a dedicated power tap from the battery and provide the proper fusing. Radio Shack is a good place to find everything you will need to get properly set up for not a lot of money. They may also be able to set you up with a filter to get rid of the noise. Also back in the day they didn't necessarily install resister spark plugs in the engine. Also heaver plug wires will help lessen white noise to some degree.

I agree with creating a dedicated outlet - that cigarette lighter is the same fuse that protects the taillights - not good to pop that and not know!  The other ideas are great - that will help me make this work. I do like the transmitter.

I use a simple Garmin GPS on a windshield mount and have a 4 camera set up with a 7" screen set for split screen. The monitor is just to the right of my climate control panel. Two side view and two rear view cameras. One rear camera in on the license p;ate mount and the other is up high on the roof to see over the toad,




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