New to RV'ing.  Bought a 1987 Frolic 16' trailer and enjoying fixing it up.  Would like to paint the exterior myself if possible.  I have stripped it to the aluminum body.  Suggestions on paint?  What kind?  To spray?  or can I roll?

Thanks to all who can help

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Duplicolor makes an automotive paint system sold at auto parts stores for people that want to do there own paint. It is a single stage premixed product. You may want to take a look at. Just to be clear I'm not a painter and I have not used the product. I have looked in to it some to spray a car that I was unable to purchase.   (

Oh thank you so much.  At least that's a start and I will definitely check into Duplicolor.

Would love to hear how you progress (with pics of course!)  

I am contemplating exterior painting also. I have a 2005 sun valley, about 18' long. After getting a $4000 quote to have her painted, I decided I can do this! Checked all the blogs about painting; Sherwin Williams has an aluminum paint which I think I will use. I can even have the bottom trim tinted to match my truck. Can either prime, which I think I will and then the paint, or direct to metal. Has a shiny finish and then clear coat, like a car, if you want it. $80-some per gallon. I have to wait till the pollen is finished here in Ga and then away we go! I will post pictures when done. Wish me luck!

Look up "roller painting a car" on youtube.  Sounds like you have done the prep.  Check out the videos, I might consider going this route.

I have looked at about every YouTube. Because my trailer is not flat I am going to spray. My soninlaw has a detail spray painter that is not fed by compressed air, so I think less splutters and bubbles. . I'm going to try a small spot first and see how it works out before I tackle the whole thing.

IDK what you mean by not flat.  Rollers are available with different pile thicknesses that would cover most of the vehicle.  The nooks and crannies can be spray painted.

Airless will leave a bumpy finish.  May look cool?

If you are will to try and spray, rent a compressor and gun from HomeDepot you might get better results.

I was reading this blog,, and the word Rolled paint. Which I assume would be like using a roller to paint your RV. You could,,, that is if you want to use a small roller,, then having to go back with a small brush to get into the creases,,nooks,,, and cranny's,, Which I would consider painting it twice. Hopefully you wouldnt get any runs with the brush,, or its back to using the roller again. I have seen Homebuilt utility trailers Home style painted,, with a roller and a paint brush,,,, Not the prettiest end result. Now spray painting is a different story,, Some people panic and think,, OMG,, paint over spray is going to go everywhere etc.

Several paint suppliers carry a metal exterior brand paint, (I myself have used  EMRON auto paint, Its a little pricey and you have to add reducer and hardner,(which can be confusing for a novice), BUT there is hope on the Horizon,, Many *exterior paints have all the good stuff premixed. You can spray it on,, using LOW PRESSURE,,Medium Volume,, (NOT high volume), and it reduces over spray.

With the spray gun,you can get into all those nooks and cranny;s etc and end up with a well defined uniform coating. Last resort,, which is NOT recommended, is using a rattle can, Sure, you can rattle can it,, make it look all pretty,, but give it 2 weeks in the elements and it becomes the ugliest thing you have ever layed eyes on.. Rattle can painting is ok for touch ups,, But not full blown project painting.

Note * Low volume painting with a spray gun is 4 to 6 lbs working air pressure,, not exceeding 15 lbs if you have a finicky gun.  And always test the spray and adjust on a piece of metal or wax coated cardboard before spraying on the project,

I appreciate your input. My soninlaw' paint gun, for a better word, is for furniture which cannot be sprayed on high pressure. I think it will work well on Lucy. What have you heard about Sherwin Williams metal paint? Not much mention of it anywhere but thought you might know.
I saw a couple YouTubes with people using rustoleum but I think that's not my choice. SW paint evidently worked well on a metal utility trailer, according to the mgr so I think I will try it. Maybe a qt and a small spot and see how it sprays and how it looks. .

Ive never used sherwin williams,, but I assume they are reputable,, Paint mixtures and such have come a long ways with technology.. Before you tackle painting your rig,, make sure its PREPPED,,, meaning having the surface clean clean,,,, mineral spirits to clean off the fine particulates.And if you happen to touch the prepainted surface,, wipe that area clean again,, skin oils and paint dont like each other. and a low pressure furniture gun is ideal,,, you have a little more control compared to a high volume high pressure gun.




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