OK, first, I'm no plumber. My husband doesn't know either and I do most of the work on the Fort. Know zip about plumbing hose's. Prior to our purchase the previous owner took the Fort to an RV guy to repair the hose leak under the kitchen sink. 

He cut out the bad hose section, installed new blue hose and reattached with a fitting. Not sure if this is just a fitting or if it's a check valve. This is the cold water hose. When we turn on the pump and then turn on kitchen faucet, the faucet just drips, no pressure and hose leaks. 

The leak is AT the fitting. Is there a way to tighten it without breaking it? or is this bad washers in the fitting? Really don't want to take it back to the RV guy, since I've realized he doesn't know what he's doing on other issues don't want him touching the Fort. 

If I can tighten it, please be graphic as heck to describe how to do that. Was wondering if I could use plyers or channel locks around a pad without damaging the hose? I really am clueless and have not found anything to show how to do this. Or should I remove it first? And how do I do that? 

Would this leak be caused by the RV guy not cutting the hose with the proper tool? Saw something about that and burrs on the hose. 

This is the picture of the fitting where it is leaking. I have a tray sitting behind it to protect the paperboard covering on the hot water heater that it was dripping onto. It's leaking alot from the top left side of the fitting and slowly from the bottom right side of the fitting.  

Yep, I'm grasping to understand and really appreciate your help. 

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Thats a snap lock fitting..  (looks like Speedfit brand) The probable cause is the cut on the hose isnt straight, (burred of cut at angle).

These are a pain to take apart and reuse. The best solution it to remove the defective fitting and replace with a new pex fitting ,making sure the ends of each hose is cut straight and no burrs.

Thank you Lakota Wolf! I thought that might be the problem. Will get a pex fitting for sure. :) Appreciate the info. 

Looks like a SharkBite Coupling would be a good option here. Available at The big Box Store. And is releasable with supplied Tool. ( SharkBite is the Push-Fit connection system that is really taking hold. It’s the easiest way to join copper, CPVC or PEX pipe in any combination with no soldering, clamps, unions or glue. Just insert the pipe and the stainless steel teeth bite down and grip tight, while a specially formulated O-ring compresses to create a perfect seal. Disassembly is just as fast using the simple disconnect tool so fittings and valves can be easily changed and reused. They can even be rotated after assembly for easier installation in tight spaces. Get SharkBite and get a grip on your next plumbing project.)

Former repair guy probably left ruff edges on the blue pex line and cut the o-ring during install or there may be a small piece of material under the o-ring. you may be able to just remove it, clean it up and reinstall it. These fittings are usually fairly trust worthy. I found two leaks under both my sinks last time out. I had to replace one faucet and went ahead and replaced all the feeder lines with braided residential supply  hose. the fittings worked perfectly with the gray plastic lines like the ones I see in your  pictures. so that may also be an option for you if the repair doesn't pan out. I can take a couple pictures of what I did if you think you may want to go that rout. good luck with your project.   

Thanks Rich! That SharkBite looks like a good way to go too. Looking at the existing fitting and I don't think I'll be able to save it. Will see what I can find, and if choice will go with SharkBite. 

Will also keep the braided supply hose in mind. It's been a good plan so far to have a back up plan on each project we do. lol Just can't take anything for granted on the Fort. lol

For sure Joanne, first time you drop your guard it will slap you in the face. I have grown accustom to making mental notes of things I see that even remotely look questionable and plan around what if's.  Today I was up on the palace roof for instance and saw a couple places that the caulk had cracks in. Nothing leaking but Friday on my way to the race's I will go right past the RV dealer I get my supplies through and I plan to stop and stock up on sealant. I used to be into boats until I found out that Boat = bust out an other thousand. I haven't found out  what  Motor Home really stands for yet but I'll bet it's not cheep.  


:) Yep, had my face slapped more than a couple times so far on the Fort. 

Is your roof rubber or metal? Ours is metal and I was able to find the Elastomeric roofing at Home Depot. Sure was alot more affordable than the RV Center wanted for the same thing. Just FYI. 

lol, yep, we had a Boat = hole in the ocean we poured money into at one time too. lol And found out Harley Davidson = Hundred Dollars. My husband swears Fort Courage = For Crimmany Sakes! Cause every time I find something else to challenge us on it thats what I say. LOL 

My roof is one long sheet of aluminum. I copy you on the home Depot stuff.the RV store out the other way from home use's Lock Tight products they get from Home Depot. they swear by it and it comes in different collars so they can match trims. As far as the Palace goes I really can't complain about it much even with the recent brake down and tow I'm still in under 5 grand and I have a heck of a nice Motor Home for that investment. and I wouldn't even have a good down payment on a new one at that amount of cash.Plus it's interesting to walk into a new unit and see my old Travel Craft.  So why go new when you can go this rout and have the same things that aren't cheepend up.

I shop a lot at Home Depot. I go to rv place look take pictures of supplies, then go to Home Depot and pay a lot less!! But vicars has a lot of older pasts you cannot always find.

Rich, since a RV is a mobile house, I refer to ours as the Mobile Money Pit.  Our fixed home is called the Money Pit. LOL

Ditto on the Shark Bite fittings, but didn't you say that no water comes out of the faucet as well? I guess that's why you were wondering if the current fitting is a check  valve installed backward??

Thats right. Water just drips out. Figured we would get the leaky hose fixed first, then decide if it's the faucet that needs replacing or if we have another issue. 

Been delayed on the repair just a bit this week. We've had 105', 106', 105' 107' for the last 4 days. Really takes it out of me! Today the wind felt like a blast furnace. Not fun to be in the Fort when it's that warm. 




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