Hot Diggity Dodge! A level stove, if walls could talk...welcomed visitor..and other things....

I did a test run fitting the stove in a couple nights ago, and it fits level. No more sticking out from the bottom and it's a good tight fit that has no gaps around the edges. YEY! I did a little corner cutting today so it sits back more flush with the counter in the front like it's supposed to. Excuse the little pieces of wood on the wall there, they were just set there out of the way for a minute.

I took it back out so I could finish up the clean up under the counter. It's pretty much done in there, the wallpaper is up and some trim added.  It's not a perfect job by any means, but it's 100 times better than the mess it was in before.The wires are organized as best as they could be. I will just have to live with those wires going across to the converter, etc.

The before:

The after:

I have a wall up! The wall next to the stove is up, behind that plywood is a sheet of luan that fits into the space of the frame to give some support to the bathroom wall for hanging the shower head, etc. On the Luan, I wrote a message in thick black marker. If someone ever tears the outside wall off they will read: "Diggity Dodge.... reconditioned with Blood, Sweat, and Swears. 2017" and then my initials. ;-)

Then I dove into refacing the counter with a peel and  stick on surface that my Mother decided for me, between the two choices I gave her to look at. I was completely back and forth, so I let her decide. First attempt is a greenish marble effect.  This stuff is not easy to work with, despite being peel and stick. even the tiniest little crumb of dirt will cause a bubble. LOL Mom thought the color would brighten up the darkness of the cabinets and framework, and the upholstery materials has a greenish/teal theme. I have a plan on using the rest of it on miscellaneous things to dress stuff up a bit.  Also, really thinking on a back splash using a 1x2 covered with the paper after the new wall is in place. What ya'll think?

A very welcomed visitor was at the door to greet me when I stepped into the RV this morning. I love seeing these critter eaters around. They are so unusual. It's a walking stick:

Let's get closer. He seems to be eyeing me as he says "G' Morning!"
I love the dark shadow in the blue there:

All in all, I got accomplished a lot today. I did some work on sealing up the back window, and a a few other things on the outside as I went along.
Time to call it a day and get some rest. Well deserved, I think. :)

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Comment by Rich Thomas on August 19, 2017 at 5:54pm

I had that happen with my bathroom floor. One little speck of dry wall compound. had to pull it out and re lay it. It probably came off my shoe so I went barefoot and it was a good choice. I realize bare feet isn't going to help you out but hey, it can't hurt. well maybe?  

Comment by Tina on August 19, 2017 at 5:08pm

I know from where you are speaking, Rich.  LOL  I think after this mornings' debacle with the van and a seriously corroded wire to my main fuses/relays...the problem has been finally resolved with that one.

I might even get into the Dodge tomorrow.  LOL

I actually tore off the counter top stick and peel surface that I had done.  The places where the screws were into the plywood caused air bubbles that could not be worked out, and that I just couldn't see myself living with.  I'm going to do some wood filler in each one, then sand the whole thing down to a nice smooth surface and try again.  Live and learn.

Comment by Rich Thomas on August 19, 2017 at 9:57am

I don't think I own a single thing that doesn't need something done to it, mostly just miner or cosmetic little things but I hate when I'm put into a situation like that. A couple summers ago I decided to replace all the plastic cooling lines and fittings on my perfectly running car because of internal cracks showing up on my coolant overflow tank. something happened to my truck I can't recall but I was left with only a Motorcycle I can't ride and my Motor Home. I took it in stride but running chores I must have looked pretty funny pulling into some of the places I had to visit in a 23 foot class C Motor Home. have a good weekend all !

Comment by Tina on August 18, 2017 at 9:31am

Thanks Rich, I'll check the metal first. I think if it bubbles around the rust, that's an indication it's plated? Either way, if it's plated I may have to do some other options on the finish. I'll test that out over the weekend. Haven't even stepped into that RV since Sunday due to both vehicles going down on me on Monday. One with a shot alternator and the other blew a fuel line in an extremely hard to get to place. (of course)
Finally finished those up late last night. Hopefully they are fixed goodly. Being without transportation is stressful to say the least. LOL
Have a great day all. :)

Comment by Rich Thomas on August 14, 2017 at 8:19pm

On the stainless, If the rust isn't to embedded I have had luck using something like a WD-40  and spray it down and let it set over night and longer if you can. Then with moderate pressure use a brass wire brush to loosen up the rust and wipe away with a dry cloth. If it's heavy you may need to use a range of sandpapers to pull it up and re polish it using a good rubbing compound. There are a few products out there that remove rust off metals but I don't know if or how well it would work on stainless.If it is real stainless the sand paper and polish will work but if it's some type of plating you could blow through to the base metal so be careful with it until you find out what your working with. A Drimmal is a good tool for this job. All this being said I'm not a metal polishing expert but it has worked for me and your results may very. The best thing is to find a spot that is hidden and experiment some. good luck with it Tina.

Comment by Tina on August 14, 2017 at 11:41am

Hi Rich. :) The stove is in pretty good condition outside, and really nice inside the oven.  I have to figure out how to clean up the rust spots on the stainless steel framing and burner cover insert.

From what I can see on the label inside, it is Model # BT18GS-4Z.  Good image search using that info pulled up all kinds of stoves. LOL

Comment by Rich Thomas on August 14, 2017 at 10:18am

I think your stove is the same model as mine Tina ,I may have a manual for it. Stick bugs are pretty cool creatures, Nature is awesome. Oh and you do deserve the rest, a labor of love is still labor. LOL

Comment by Tina on August 13, 2017 at 10:42pm

LOL, I got accomplished a lot much for proofreading. Tee hee....
Well, you all know what it means and I'm tired of edits this evening. ;-)

Thanks Lakota, I dunno....with all of the projects I've done through the years, there must have been some know-hows saved up in my lil' minds' file cabinet.

I actually learned how to use a jigsaw yesterday, first time I've ever used one. Nuttin' to it. Just keep yer fingers out-ta-way. ;-)

Comment by Lakota Wolf on August 13, 2017 at 10:25pm

Awesome job on the stove install... Looking good,, are you sure you wasnt a carpenter back in the previous life?



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