I have put many many miles under this ole butt, from coast to coast and Gulf to Canada. Seen byways and triways and highways and rural roads.

2 lane country roads to single horse and buggy roads (not by choice but making a wrong turn). Ive seen places so vast and open, its hard to tell if your really moving in a particular direction, where the road continues beyond the sun setting horizon. Ive traveld down small 2 lanes with the trees arching over the road like a shaded tunnel, and roads that wernt even roads that hugged and switch backed around mountain sides.

Each adventure had its challenges and rewards. I was single with my co-pilot Gi Gi,, my solid black rescue cat, She may have been close to 12 years old, but had the spunk of a kitten at times. She was a cuddle cat,, loved to give hugs and kisses,, which by the way,, If you have even owned a cat,, is a very Rare thing. I think Gi Gi was part dog,lol. We would toodle along to a destination unknown till we got there,, she would sit on my lap,(when she wanted to ride in the truck and not in HER queen sized bed in the RV.). She would make sure no ninja bunnies or rogue critters with attitude impeeded our journeys, That was her job. When she was feeling lazy, she got the comforts of HER queen bed in the 5th wheel,, it was HER domain,, she just allowed me to stay in there to, under the condition that I kept her food bowl full at all times. Cats are funny that way,, you fill their bowl, and they eat 3 morsels and then meow to let you know it is NO longer full.

Gi Gi was with me for several years before it was her time to pass on to kitty heaven,, But I bet she is about the only cat that got to see the 48 states in her nine lifetimes. I continued to travel without her, but taking her with me in my heart.I would hear of stories of other RV's who traveled with a 4 legged companion and it just warms my heart.

I would toodle along usually keeping my speed around 55-60,, Im in no big hurry,, why rush to get somewhere when you dont have to,, Life isnt always a race,, and you dont get a gold star if you get there 1st.

I have had other RV'ers scream past me like Im sitting still on the side of the road,, 70 and 80 mph,, Seriously?  I know some people like to drive fast, which each his or her own,, But screaming down the road with a Trailer and nascar speeds is just insane. If your running that far behind schedule,, maybe you should have woke up a couple hours earlier that morning,,, or dont schedule yourself in short time frames,

I know you want to visit Disney land,, and from 1'00 to 2;07 ride 3 rides before grabbing a late lunch from 2'16 to 2;34 and then rushing to go see a broadway reinactment from 2;40 to 3;19, leaving you with a 4 minute potty break before meeting back up at the gate at 3;25.

Slow down Mario,,,Life isnt always a schedule or a race to cram as much entertainment in a designated time frame.

I get a chuckle while toodling,, and Al Unser goes screaming by, trying to break a land speed record in his RV, just to catch up with him at the next fuel stop. We both top off our fuel and I leave 1st and with in 10 minutes,, here he comes, screaming past me again,,, Im assuming,, it takes him awhile to get up to speed,,, and again, I catch up to them at the next fuel stop and resume the cycle of getting passed, just to catch up. I bet he couldnt tell you what any of the roadside billboards advertised, or did he even see that herd of elk in that field? Nope.. he was white knuckle driving like he was in the Daytona 200.. To bad he wont have anything to talk about when he finally arrives at his destination. I dont have anything against fast drivers, but I do worry, that these fast drivers are used to driving fast in a small car,, and not a 10 ton RV on a regular basis, Do they even have a clue how much damage can occur with a high speed blow out on an RV or a trailer? Or how much area is needed to get all that weight to a stop,, or even swerve and control cuz some idiot cruises up on the on ramp expecting the traffic to yield to them,, cuz everyone knows,, they think they are the only ones on the road. And what makes it worse,, is they have that cell phone on their left ear and dont even see you,, yet you have to take defensive manuvers to keep from making the idiot pavement coating. Keeping pace with flowing traffic is always a good idea,,But that doesnt mean you have to get in the hammer lane and drag race that Porche 944. I just hunker down in the slow OLD peoples lane and do my toodling along, and the other 2 lanes are open for the rest to pass. It is amusing as some drivers pass around and show me their I.Q. with a single finger,, and I just wave back,, they seemed friendly. And even more amusing, is that they cussed and cursed and teetered on an anyrism with road rage to get around you and get down the road 2 minutes before me,, to stop and get fuel. I am tempted at times to apply a gold star to their forehead and tell them, you won. No prize,, just the personal glory of getting here 1st. Can I buy you a cup of joe?  maybe decaf?.

I enjoy going slow(er), Cuz Im getting to old to always be in the fast lane and letting life pass me by, or should say I pass it by. I love to see the old houses and barns, Bill boards, cattle,, horses and wild life. I even take exits to go visit that Genuine Indian artifacts trinket store and see all the wares that are imported from China on sale there.

I have even pulled off in a rest area, because it had a wonderful view of a canyon or mountain range, and just got out to stretch,, breathe in some fresh air, and admire everything around me, and realize, Im just a grain of sand in a desert. I have had friends tell me they had an epic weekend,, hitting the bars, getting stupid drunk,, and then still be nursing a hang over monday morning.. They ask,, what did you do? I tell them, I went road tripping and camping,, and they say, thats kind of lame,, But then I suprise them and tell them, I saw a bear sh** in the woods,,, and they say huh?   They wouldnt understand,, I guess nursinga hang over for 3 days is more epic then nature itself.. and BTW,,, I have seen a bear ,,sh** in the woods,, so I can put that ole saying to rest. Ok, thats enough of Lakota's Howlings.

Remember, be safe, enjoy whats around you and make memories.

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Comment by M K Wilkie on July 2, 2017 at 4:45pm
Our kind of traveler all the way. Life is short. The older you are lucky enough to get you understand that more. Why hurry? You're only rushing toward your ultimate demise. No getting around it.
Comment by Lakota Wolf on July 2, 2017 at 1:45pm

You do make a valid point on the scheduling.. Camp grounds and attractions have certain check in times which do put one in a state of a set time schedule. I tried for years, to set up reservations at a campground or RV park and just when Im close and ahead of schedule, something would go wrong,, traffic,, a break down,  was always something that grinded the gears to a halt. I then told myself, Now that Im retired,, Im going to drive by the seat of my pants,, almost like raising kids,(lol), Just take it as it comes at ya and deal with it. I do remember Dad hitting warp speed on the straight a ways to get to a destination, due to a time schedule.I know you have put many a mile under yourself, and you see it while out there between the white lines and road markers. The better half and I are hoping our health holds up to at least make a final voyage through 14 states before I hang up the keys for good.

Comment by John "T" Nordhoff on July 2, 2017 at 1:22pm

 Yo good wolfman, FWIW I enjoyed your rambling but I'm sort of an old fuddy duddy myself who has learned like you to slowwwwwwwwwww down. Were retired and don't have to be anywhere at any certain time and the kids say I drive like an old man (cruise at 58 in RV) to which I reply "I AM AN OLD MAN." While I like to travel at will, unfortunately we love to visit National Parks, and they are getting so crowded you almost need reservations to get a camp site which means you can't have all the freedom you prefer, but I still love to visit them so sticking to a timetable just goes with the territory those trips. Gotta love Utah's Grand Circle of five Natl Parks, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches. My favorite park is Glacier, but Yosemite and Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon aren't any pushovers lol

 DISCLAIMER I understand how it was when we were young and raising kids and working and in a hurry. We drove straight thru to Disney World because with only a week off work we couldn't spend three driving days like we do now lol

 Except for a month or so long stay in some of our Florida preferred over 50 RV parks, I hardly ever stay at a commercial campground opting instead for Natl Forest or BLM or State or National Fish and Game or Wildlife locations where its free or dirt cheap. When we stay a month or two at our Florida parks its like when we were kids and sat on the front porches and visited with and knew everyone in the neighborhood. We walk or ride bikes and visit with others sitting out under the awning and actually get closer then so called "neighbors" around home. If forced I may down a cold barley soda pop adult beverage also............

 When a young couple visited us and I was sharing how we travel in the RV to Antique Tractor Shows and Bluegrass Festivals and National Parks or visit kids and grandkids (don't wear out your welcome if in your own RV)  they were all excited and responded WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU LOL

 Were home a few months for the summer but soon its time to head north to Michigan  for volunteer work at a family religious camp in Gaylord Michigan then an antique tractor show in Iowa (Ferguson Expo) then in Illinois (Half Century of Progress) then our local show is after Labor Day then before long its Texas where daughter lives then Florida woooooooo hooooooooo life is good. In order to boondock as much as we do (say western states BLM land) is the reason I have 715 solar watts and 450 battery Amp Hours plus 86 gallons of fresh water storage and extra gray storage plus inverter and generator. We can go at least a week before we need to take on fresh water and push it to nearly two weeks if necessary before we need to find a dump station, but one or two weeks is long enough anyway before were ready to move on.

 Gotta do one more job on the RV this afternoon then its Miller Time

 John T 




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