Ahhhhhh,,,, how times have changed.. Im refering to how each generation has adapted to change.Looking back,,, the 1st RV trailers had candles for lighting,, then got fancy and started using fuel oil,, and then really fancy and went with propane lighting. Nothing saws roughing it with basic FIRE mounted to a WOOD wall. Then they decided, that might be a tad dangerous and incorporated electric lighting,, 1st with 12 Volt,, then 110/120 Volt,, and both .At the beginning, they mounted a propane tank on the front tongue of the trailer,, No safer place for a canister hand grenade when the trailer dislodges and plows into the back of your car at highway speeds cuz your add on bumper mounted hitch's adjustment chains came loose.

And when it did crush and explode,,, That was an early warning system designed to get the owner/drivers attention that his trailer just came loose. Nothing gets your attention in the rear view mirror then a huge fireball at the back of your car,,,, am I right? Then someone suggested,, hey.  lets try hiding it,,, mabe in a rear compartment,, that way no one can see it,, and then we can incorporate the early warning system for a rear end collision. Well, some safety governemnt agency said the early warning systems wernt reliable and slightly dnagerous and suggested,, maybe put safety valves on propane tanks. Now thats a concept,, Round up all the old outdated tanks,,, charge an arm and a leg for new ones,, take the 15% of the cost off the top for Gov. employee bonuses,,, a win win for everyone,,, except the RV owner.

So, with the new tanks approved,, they put them back on the tongue of the trailer,, and if the bracket was wide enough,, when backing up to sharp,, it was just another portion of the trailer to get dinged or damaged. Manufacturers are pretty smart in their designs,, They made the tongue of the trailer just long enough to manuver around streets and campgrounds,, but short enough so when ya backed up and little to sharp.. It was garanteed frontal damage to the trailer.

Then RV manufacturers had to add a concept of future damage to their 5th wheel and goose neck line,, Lets make it so if you have a short wheel base truck, when you turn really sharp, you can damage the truck AND the trailer at the same time,, a two-fer.  Body shops and RV repair facilities loved this concept,, kaching kaching. Then a spoil sport came along and said, hey,,, lets design an extended tongue for the king pin box.. Now short bed and long bed trucks can pull with out ripping half the rear cab off their trucks.The body shops pouted but eventually got over it. Im not sure many will remember, the old desk fans, The ones that had steel blades and a fairly wide safety guard.

If you grew up with a hint of common sense you knew NOT to poke your fingers through the guard while the fan was running. That little voice in the back of your head, told you that if you stuck your finger(s) in there,, they would be lopped off and not even slow the blades down. That was a no brainer..  But I have noticed,, several big box stores are now selling Soft rubber bladed safety fans with extra small guards to prevent someone from sticking their fingers into the moving fan.

The soft rubber blades are designed to fold and flex and not seriously injure fingers in case of contact.

OK,,, now for a Rant. (lol) you knew it was comming,, I had to butter ya up for it,, so say it,,, DUHHHHHH.

What has happened?  Seriously? Soft rubber blades? Have people become that Dain Bramaged? To much High Fructose corn syrup in their post toasties? Not enough fiber in their diet?  I look at it this way. If your brave enough,(or lacking the smarts department) and have to stick your fingers into an object spinning at high speed, just to see what happens,,, You have led yourself a very sheltered life. Do people stay up late at night and think of stupid things to do?  Hmmm I wonder what will happen if I stick my fingers into this spinning fan, and if it will hurt? Ok Einstien,, what ever floats your canoe.  I bring this rant up because Im installing two 1970's era Steel bladed 2 speed electric fans above the bed. These are the type of fans that can slice dice and puree any standard fruit or vegetable without skipping a beat or losing speed. Plus,, common sense tells me NOT to stick my fingers in there while its on. The plus side of these being 70's era fans,, I should get another 30 plus years use out of them,,, thats 29 yrs and 11 months longer then these new plastic ones they have now.  Its not always true,,  that new is always better. Except that sweet looking 72 inch flatscreen plasma curved TV with 9000 pixel dolby 6.0 surround sound. with the quad high def picture in picture in picture in picture option... and cant forget Blue tooth,    Blue tooth is the bomb,, Im looking on Amazon at a nice hairbrush with built in blue tooth,

With all the new technology we have before us,, pretty soon, they will take the fun out of RVing,, self driving cars pulling trailers and flying Winnies.. But untill then, I prefer the white knuckles, puckered seating and the joys of toodling down Americas highways to the next get away adventure. If your not sure where your going,,, just stop and there you are.

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