Hey GORV members,,,,, are ya'll ready for winter and the cold brrrrr winds, wet cold snow?  Me neether. Well I can handle a pretty xmas morning with a nice coating of snow to set the mood,,, But after that it can all melt and go back to Human temps,, right around a comfy 75 degrees. One thing that has bothered me and I spent countless minutes searching the web for the answer to a particular question. When snow melts,,, where does the white go? Just something to ponder.

Its like while traveling,, why do they have ONE WAY streets? Seriously,, you can only travel ONE way at a time,, its not like you can go both ways at the same time,, (but as I think about that, I could probably figure out a way to accomplish that). Its like when I got pulled over in New Mexico. The officer explained I was going the WRONG way on a one way street.. and then asked,, Didn't you see the arrows? And I kindly replied,, heck, I didn't even see any Indians. He told me to turn around and have a nice day,,, what a nice guy.

Now I realize we have members here from all points of the planet, from here and there and there and here and all points in between We have some that full time in the southern states, and some in the northern states and some stuck right in the middle. We have people living in different countries, some in the low lands and some in the high lands and some way up above where aircraft fly up in the mountains.

Some see snow, some don't, some see heavy rains, others see dust.

With a collection of unique members, who live a similar lifestyle whether part time or full time in our RV's, its always good to know, that each of us have come across a situation that no manual could ever explain.. The good ole Brain farts and what the's? We dig into the problem, usually tearing out about 80% more then we really need to, but there wasnt an instruction manual telling you how a certain wire or water line was run from point A to point B and usually a point D totally skipping point C that throws a wrench in the schematics.. Installing an appliance as per instructions,, flipping the switch to turn it on, and 4 major cities go into Black out, and the power stations go into emergency stand by,, and then,,,,,,, the fuse to the appliance finally blows, poooof., The major cities power goes back to normal, and then you scratch your head and wonder if you wired it correctly. You dig out the instructions again,(Point note,* Guys don;t need no stinking instructions),, Umm well yea ya do, and reluctantly you dig the instructions out of the trash and actually READ them this time instead of just glancing at the pictures. Ahhhhhhh,,, Theres a wire there that isnt supposed to be hooked up to HOT,,,(it controls the BLUE TOOTH function of you appliance that is not available yet at this time but was installed for a possiblity of future use). Thats another reason you bought that particular appliance, because it has BLUE TOOTH.

(If a turd had blue tooth ,,a guy would buy it,,just saying).

Now guys have to put their testosterone on the back burner when upgrading,,, Just because you think something needs more power,, doesnt mean you should give it more power, A good example is a gas stove,, I know it takes 20 minutes to boil some eggs on medium heat,,But that does NOT mean you can cut the time in half by cranking up the pressure, getting a 4 foot open flame basting under the pot to boil the eggs faster,,,, Your stove is not a blow torch. I know, its looks totally way cool,, but trust me,, singed eyebrows and burnt wall paper doesnt look good nor smell good, Same goes with your oven,, When the instructions say, set temp at 350 when baking bisquits for 12 to 14 minutes,, doesnt mean you can set the temp at 700 (450 is actually the highest setting) and cook the bisquits in 7 minutes,,, its just not gonna happen.. Read the instructions,, seriously.. lol.

And Guys love electronic goodies,, You cannot plug everything into a single 24 outlet power strip and expect it all to work correctly.

Your am/fm stereo from the 70's,, hooked up with your 8 track and dual cassette and turn table, along with your 24 band equalizer. Adding your windows 95 tower computer with upgraded full 16 inch box monitor with keyboard and powered speakers,Then adding your windows 98 S.E, Vista. XP, Win 7,8 and 10 Laptops along with the power cords to your I pad and cell phone. I know you hate having to unplug and plug each of your toys ,, and choose just to keep everything plugged in because its convenient.

I know some of you are asking,, whats an 8 track or whats windows 95? Others are laughing because we HAVE had and used them.

After mentioning win, 95, some can actually hear that annoying dial up,connect tone,, then,,, YOU HAVE MAIL.  (lol)

(I hope no one actually got up from their chair and went outside to check their mailbox).  I know, I said it, But ya;ll was thinking the same thing.

Please note,, this is just a bit of humor to ease the pain of cabin fever as you look out the window at all that cold weather blowing in around you.

I will end this bog with a useful tip... Betcha didnt see that comming did ya? Haaaaa,, You had to read allllll the way down here to see it.

Tip for winterizing your water supply hose in the cold winter,

A large sized ice chest is perfect for storing that EXCESS coiled up hose you have coiled up outside, Considering you have a 25 ft hose to make a connection 4 ft 11 inches away. Yes thats murphys law,, but you do know if you had that small 6 ft hose, your connection would be 26 ft 14 inches away, (I see you calculating the math with those measurements), Anywhoooooooo,

Take that excess hose and coil it up inside an ice chest with some good ole fashioned cotton candy insulation,You know,, that itchy fuzzy pink attic insulation with paper on one side. Cut 2 holes,, one for the hose to go in, and one for the hose to come out,, then put pipe insualtion wrap on the rest of the exposed hose. And during freezing temps,, leave the water drip as you would in a regular house, or be safe and turn water off, drain the hose and turn water heater off till next morning and leave faucets OPEN. just remember to close the faucets before turning the water back on.

Oh yea,, dont forget the best part of the ice box storage,, You get to use DUCT TAPE... Yea, Duct Tape,, (ok, calm down,) I know your all excited with the mere thought of getting to use that roll of duct tape that has just been sitting and waiting to be used on something,, so heres your chance,, grab that roll of duct tape and tape to your hearts content,, go all hog wild, tape it this way and that way, sideways, upways,downways,,,,and even if you use the whole roll... You did have Fun,,,, right?  common now,, admit it,, you enjoyed that,, using a whole roll of duct tape... just no happy dancing,, ya have to be cool just in case the neighbors see ya.. play it on the down low,, at least till ya get inside.

Ok,, I'm done for now,,, Hope you enjoyed some blah blah some what informative reading to pass 10 minutes of your time.. Be safe and happy trails, unless your parked,, then,, enjoy flipping channels or adjusting the aluminum foil on the rabbit ears.

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