I live in France at 10 km to Paris, my english is a little poor and it's difficult for me to well understand GOOD OLD RVS.
Of course I am collector of old european cars and trailers and I just find an american motorhome: 1972 uteliner international ( engine V8 - gas - about 5 liters ).
Can you help me to find some details on the web or in a book or newspaper?
Is it a international harvester motorhome.
I can send you some pictures.

thank you very much for your help.

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Photo of Dennis Letailleux 1972 Vintage International Harvester Uteliner motorhome.

Anyone got any information on it?
Denis: Sorry my french is non-existent, but an idea I had was for you to check some Australian web sites as Uteliner sounds like it comes from Austrailia. Jim
Thank's for your reply.I will try to find some things on Australian websites.I had bought a book on american motorhome but I don't find any thing.I think that it's an international harvester frame with V8 engines with a body from a little factory.
Can you explain why american people put "PINK FLOYDS" around their trailers?
Another question: why do you call your trailer " RVs "?
In my club we have some american trailers, a great interest in USA production but we can't respond on these 2 questions.
best regards denis
Denis: I also cant respond on the Pink Floyds but the answer to the question of RVs is that that is an abbreviation of Recreational Vehicle. We shorten everything in USA. Jim



Perhaps "PINK FlOYDS" is in reference to the "Pink Flamingos" plastic yard ornaments that can be seen around many trailers in America. Especially in Arizona and Florida. I don't know why mostly old and retired people put them around their trailers and houses. Perhaps when I get older and retired I'll understand.

For more information about the Ute Liner motorhome try


Steven, thank you for your reply ( becareful of my poor english ) On websites, when you try to find some details on USA collector trailers and motorhomes you see around RV's ( yes I understand "RV's"- LOL -recreative vehicule,thank's Jim) "pink floyd, pink flamingo".In France, at a collector trailers meeting, we put pink flyod around our american trailers wihtout knowing WHY.That is my question.Especialy with AIRSTREAM, for sale or in a camp you can see PINK FLYOD!!!!

With your website address I can see some details on uteliner, thank's again.

Denis: I found a couple sites that might provide mechanical assistance on your Ute. YOur machine was built by IHC or International Harvester Corp. There is a site called that is all about IHC equipment. (note, a binder is a piece of Harvesting equipment for grain. I also found a picture of a ute liner at elements. Hope this helps the quest. Jim


i am new to this forum but i do own one of the rvs that you are describing. mine is a 1972 uteliner. its powered by a 345 cubic inch v8(about 5.6 liters) international harvester motor and it rides on an international harvester 1510 motorhome chassis. The coach body is made by uteliner. From what i can tell they are pretty rare. Also, according to what i have seen, they were absolutely the toughest motorhomes on the road in the 1970s. All were designed to sleep 6-10 people, carry 106-206 gallons of freshwater and up to 123 gallons of gasoline. Mine is 30 ft and it is a castle compared to some of the new ones out now. all in all, i love mine. i am a 30 year old that lives in it fulltime and for a 40 year old rv, it has held up extremely well. my original a/c and original onan generator both work flawlessly. as for my engine(the 345, although a 392 was optional) i dont know because it has only 12k original miles on it.

also pink floyd is a band that alot of rv'ers listen too. kind of an acid rock band with trippy music.


Donald,( sorry for my poor english) YES of course I know "pink flyod" rock band, famous oldtimer cars collector.

I hope to know why you see " pink flyod bird near RV's.It's usualy to see american trailers with these birds around: WHY.

The true:a man in France wanted to sell an Uteliner RV's, I try to find information but I don't find a lot of things.The price is very cheap but the RV's needs a lot of Work, and I have still a lot of work with my trailers.
I start tomorrow to one week on holifays after that I send for you or for GOODRV's an address of website to see THE restauration of my ( little ) typical french RV's called  NOTIN, the owner of the factory since 1928, factory still alive to day, not Mr Notin.

You can send me pictures ofyour Uteline RV's  to my email

best regards denis


the pink flamingos by rvs is kind of a southern united states thing(redneck if you will) there are several in the park that i currently live in. i dont really understand it either. i guess it makes them feel more at home. i dont know for sure but it did originate in the southern states at mobile home parks. not rv parks but the actual trailer home parks. the trailers that are like 14 foot by 70 foot. also i sent a couple of pictures to your email. i will say that if u were going to buy a uteliner out there, parts are going to come at a premium. and by that i mean very expensive. the chassis for the uteliner was built in Chicago, illinois by international but i do believe the body was made in Colorado, usa until 1977. there is not alot of info on them that i can find anywhere. i will say that in 72, mine had an msrp of $18,000 usd. probably equates to about $65,000-$70,000 usd now. but either way, parts are extremely hard to find for them in the usa so i can only imagine how hard to find and expensive they are in France. what kind of work did the uteliner need? most small parts can be replaced by common auto shop parts here, but the 727 torque flight transmission will be a hard one to replace or even find. here they cost about $1400 usd. i can only imagine the surcharges to get it there to you. anyway, if you are still considering buying it, i will help as much as possible to help you fix it up. things of vintage like those are definately something i enjoy.

Donald, thank's for your reply and pictures.

I have 12 oldtimer cars and trailers and I do myself all the work on my car because I don't have a lot of money...

Buying the Uteliner is a great fact: heavy, difficulty to come back home with this heavy  RV's and find a ( big ) place in my little garden ( 10 km from Paris )

The Rv's is still to sell.  denis



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