I'm looking to purchase a 1977 Rockwood are these good class C to own? It has a 727 tranny with a 360 engine it's in excellent shape for its age but has sat for 3 yrs I'm a new RV owner

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Good question - thing about tires you just don't know apparently.  They can look good on the outside but not be so good on the inside.  I'd get roadside assistance beforehand, take it slow and maybe watch a few videos on how to handle a blowout.  Then sure you are aired up properly (the pressure will be noted on a sticker probably inside the door panel just like your car).  I understand underinflation is often a culprit of blown tires.  If you've got duallys on it you'll want one of those gauges that has a push pull assembly (usually called truck gauges - you can either push the long end in (to the inner tire) or hook the protrusion and pull (outer tires).  Here's the one I bought but assume they have them at any auto parts store: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XCANO4O/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_...  I ony mention it because I bought just a regular digital tire gauge first and it was too fat to fit in the wheels so I wasted some money.

Do you know how old the tires are?  There are numbers on the tires that can help you determine that - it's like a 4 digit code following the long dot number - first two digits are the week and the second two the year.  I've heard you want to replace any RV tires between 5 and 7 years.  If they've been sitting they may have been more susceptible to rot.

I know we bought our Bounder, had no idea the tire age, always had a low one, had started to see signs of cracking but didn't replace them so in hindsight we dodged a bullet.  But now that I'm older - I'm more safety conscious and more risk averse.  I'm considering the expense of a tire pressure monitoring system for ours...

I will defintely pick up a tire guage or order this one as I think the one I have is too small.and wont fit the dually wheels and tires.

Can you also tell me more about the spray product as I am thinking it would be a quick fix to the inside of the camper to seal and then i can paint over it.  that would be awesome I am also going to to go the ace hardware store and see if I can find that caulk  you told me about so that I can get the shower caulked thanks you so much for all the help!!

Don't know if it's a spray - but google "Git Rot" - it's an epoxy product and videos/articles on "rv repair rotted wood".  I expect there's more than one product and different (and creative ways) for repairing depending on what you're working with.  

I have found Ace has been amazing if you have one near you - I can always find people to help me out where sometimes at the big box stores it's difficult to run someone down, and often they don't really know enough to offer assistance.  They could offer other options for your shower caulk product...I'm hoping to find a sort of all in one product which is probably way optimistic, but since I will have a limited amount of space anything that can multi-task will be a bonus.

Dawn I looked up this stuff looks like an awesome product I'm going to invest in some for sure!! Thank you for letting me know about it!!

Oh I'm so glad you posted pictures!  I can see why you fell in love - it has that "feel"-I can tell.  But man the snow looks brutal.  Don't laugh but the first thing I thought was, I'm so jealous she has a ladder - LOL.  I have to replace the one that was stripped off of Juno.  

From what I can tell the interior has a nice layout?  I like when you have angles and everything isn't all square - I'm sure it's good feng shui or something.  

I like that wallpaper, too - with the right paint you could make it definitely retro chic. Mine - that is not happening.  It's old auntie floral - LOL.  I'm going to be painting over mine.  Going to try though to have a retro feel but across the decades ie I love 50's lounge exotica but it's an 80's vehicle so I don't have to stay true to being any one look.

Dawn, A big smile on the '70's decor comment. The Tioga had that same feel with the southwestern fabric patterns to boot! Now we have pink (salmon?) shag carpet and pinkish seats. At least they are comfortable and clean! Keep warm, Francis in the cold tundra of Canandaigua!

Will do Daniel those Mr Buddy heaters work great along with the furnace!


So I went and got some felt fabric to put across the area behind the drivers and passengers seats where you walk thru to the living area. I am trying to keep the cold out keep in mind. so I had picked out black and white checkered but then I was talking to the lady and Joann's and got Felt instead she made a good point you are the one that has to live with it! I said yes you are right so I figure the dark brown will go well with the paneling and the cupboards. once I get it up I will send a picture. I am thinking about installing a curtain rod to hang it and then sew velcro to it so I can roll it up when I am not using it and it is out of the way!

but the "you have to live with it" is something to think about! oh this is going to be a journey but a fun one. I guess the big part is its mine and no one can take it away know what I mean?

I think that is a great choice Frances, I read where you was interested in a little buddy vent-less heater and just wanted to agree that they are a good choice. One thing I would like to mention though is all vent-less gas heaters introduce a good bit of condensation into the atmosphere as a product of combustion. It's manageable for sure but it can build up in your window tracks and run down the inside walls. Just thought I would make you aware of that with out discouraging you from acquiring one. If you go that rout you might consider a propane / carbon monoxide detector if  you don't already have one and a proper fire extinguisher. These are things you should have on board regardless of your having  the portable heater or not so, again I'm not discouraging the heater; just want you to be prepared and safe.     

Hi Rich there is an onboard co2 monitor but i am going to get another battery operated Co2/ smoke detector. Now I understand why there is some paneling on the walls that is popping out a little. makes sense I try to use the furnace also to dry things out a bit too! this all makes sense thank you very much I have learned alot from you guys and I appreciate it all.

Hey, sorry, just saw this!  I didn't get much done last weekend and had some "distractions" going on so didn't get on the forums.  HEY - the velcro idea for when you roll it up sounds like an idea I'm going to have to steal!  Rick picked up a surplus army blanket in Denver and used that in the trip across country trying to keep the heat in the CAB and it apparently worked well - not felt, but you can imagine it's that thicker material.  Butt ugly, but I'm going to do the same - sew it up so I can put it on a spring rod for when we need to block either the temperature extremes or light.

For everyday use I just picked up a curtain at the thrift - it's white with black dandelion print and some very subtle bling.  I may have gone overboard but I think it will make a nice statement and if I don't like it, it cost me a buck and some time to cut and sew the overlap (I'm cutting out the curtain top - it is those big rings and if I can salvage enough material it'll make a nice seat cushion for the chair.  I found a nice teal shower curtain I'm rigging up as a privacy curtain (also will put on spring rod) to use between the dinette and little kitchen area - one CANNOT get dressed in the bathroom (even wonder woman couldn't change in there) and while that's no big deal for the BF and I, my mom and I are planning some trips and she would like a little privacy.  I guess it might create an additional temp zone if needed.

Sounds like you are making great progress testing things out, finding out what's wrong and what's right!!!  Bravo!

heres what we found underneath Broken tranny line rotted brake lines rotted fuel line, so all of that was replaced. Also replaced the brake shoes, calipers and pads it needs a sending unite but for right now I'm just going to keep track of mileage.an go from there till fall. I also have to put a coat of roof rubber on the roof luckily no leaks so far and took her for a short test run down the road. I have been looking at tires firestones seem to be the one to go with here in NY atleast the only one I can find without paying a huge shipping bill. Going to also change some hoses. Most of them look really good but like with the Brakes lines and similar stuff from setting they need to be changed the check off list was a great use there is still more too come just thought I would update on what has already been done!




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