Hello all,

My wife & I are new to this website and we are also new to restoring our first camper. Because of that reason I am wondering if there are any fellow campers out there who live near us who have restored their camper or who are in the middle of restoring a camper that I might turn to if I need advice.

And when I say 'advice'... I mean can I come over and see how you did it. :o)

Our family just purchased a 1969 Terry trailer on the 11th of July and it has about 15' of living space.

In the past two weekends I have completely gutted the entire trailer, and I am glad I did too. I removed the couch, the dinette, the bathroom, the stove, the refrigerator, the walls and the insulation. I removed everything and I am going to put in a new floor and I think I am even going to put on new metal.

I have to put in a new floor because my feet just about went through the rear section of the trailer... scary stuff. The rest of the trailer feels like the floor is kind of swelled up as well. Plus, I am a neat freak and I have obsessive compulsive disorder. Once I have the trailer completed I would always be obsessing over the fact that I didn't replace all of the floor and it would drive me crazy! I would rather know that I did the best job I could and in this case that means replacing the entire floor.

I know that replacing the floor adds to the cost, but I also know that down the road when I go to sell the trailer I want to be able to get top dollar for it. I also want the person or family that buys our camper to have the confidence in knowing that they made a 'solid' purchase.

Part of the reason I am glad that I gutted the camper is because there was some rotted wood. Some of it was just completely gone. The rear of the trailer is where the bathroom and shower used to be, which is why I believe there was so much damage. For an old girl that is 41 years old I am very impressed how well she has held up.

I am really looking forward to removing the skin off of the camper so I can get a good look at the bones of the camper and replace all of the damaged wood. I am a little nervous about replacing the siding, but hey this is a learning experience right? :o) I am sure if I take good notes when I take it off I can put new siding back on.

I know some people would say that I probably could have gotten away with cleaning up the interior, and that I could leave the skin on it as well. For me however, I really want to know that everything is either new or in good working order. Plus, knowing what was really hiding behind the walls and under the floor this is the only way to go for us. (I don't want my family to be breathing on rotten wood and old mud wasp nests, etc.)

So I am going to end this with the same question I started it with. Are there any other camper renovators out there that live near the Portland, Oregon area? I know that I will be able to solicit advice and help from everyone on here, but sometimes putting a visual answer to your question can really help. At least with me it helps.

Well thanks for reading this and Happy Trails to all of you.

Craig & Lisa

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Hey there,

Well, you have gone over the side I couldn't have (to rip it all out) but I admire your willingness! I am in the Brush Prairie/Hockinson area of WA--45 min NE of PDX.

We too have a 1969 Aladdin (OR BORN!) about 15 ft. We did a mid-line replacement/decor update/clean out. Ours was in fairly good shape-the floor will need to be replaced at some point-but not this time around... We have no bath-but that is fine...

We had some 'wiring issues' (jerry-rigged former owner stuff) but 'she' rides like a dream, sets up FAST and seems to fit in to our family pretty well. You can check out the photos I put up. We used trailer paint to clean up the outside. All kitchen appliances worked so they are original.

Good luck on your Terry! Great Brand!
Hello Barb and thanks for your reply. I have definitely gone to the other side with this renovation.

I really enjoyed the pictures of your camper. It definitely has a very comfortable and cozy home away from home feel to it. I like the way you personalized it because it gives it much more character and it doesn't look anything like you would see coming out of a factory so kudos on your work.

I am definitely nervous about our restoration since this is all new to us. I am also excited because our restoration is all new to us too. :o) I cannot wait until we can get our camper to the same point as yours so we can go camping and share our experience with others as well. :o)

Thanks again Barb and have a great day.
I too have a Alladin and am looking for other owners. Do you have any books or manuals that came with your alladin. Also where did you find replacement parts? I am looking to clean mine up and update a few things. Thanks
Welcome and I'm right with you on the "gut job"! We bought a '68 Commer Camper Van- which a bunch of surfers had been using to go to competitions up and down the coast-and lately- to store stuff down by the pier in San Diego. So-not only a roof leak to rot the "bones" but termites! Ugh! We are at the point of a complete rebuild-took it down to the metal and have started building it back up. (My husband will either leave me or hate me I think over this! ;0) On the front page- check out Jana's Camper Restoration and see how it started- you can see the beginning on May 2010 etc...just know, you are not alone!
I am so so glad we are rebuilding it too- so much stronger and better! Cosmetics would have been a waste of time and money!
Do Google vintage trailers (images) and you will come across ideas and pics and many rebuild sites that show step by step progress-it helps a lot! Good Luck! Post photos!
Congrats on your purchase & a big "good for you" on your go-for-it attitude!
We have a '53 Terry that we're "rehabbing" (for want of a better word!). Ours was semi-rehabbed by my father-in-law about 15 yrs. ago. He, my husband & son used it on about 7 or 8 rugged "male bonding trips" they made every summer until Grampa was unable to do it. The trailer spent the last 6 or 7 yrs in covered, enclosed storage so hasn't been exposed to the elements except for the occasional camping trip. It was carpeted, we took that out, the original linoleum floor was cracked (and smelled NASTY - I think that was the major culprit in the "musty" smell) so we removed that & found a very solid, pretty level floor underneath. We're putting in linoleum tiles, had the upholstery redone, scrubbed all the wood with Murphy's Oil Soap & were delighted it doesn't look like we'll have to refinish any. My husband is ambitiously anticipating polishing the outside. The old girl is currently in 'the shop' having a couple of windows worked on (one front window was sort of "sprung" & had leaked on the table, causing the formica to bubble - we're replacing that too) because the windows all seem to be riveted in not screwed & we don't want to get into that! Our skills are limited - I think we could learn, but it's easier & faster @ this time to have someone knowledgeable do it! We're also having him go through the electrics & give recommendations & pack the bearings. Not sure if we'll need tires - they seem pretty good, but have been sitting for years & could just be degraded - with a single axle, you don't want to blow a tire!
We live in Salem, so not far from you - are you a member of Rolling Oldies Vintage Trailers on Facebook? If not, you might want to join! They have a lot of great people with good ideas, they have several events throughout the year including an annual campout/rally in late June & one get-together/rally coming up at Beverly Beach in October. Check it out!

The Sept. rally is @ Camp Sherman near Sisters:
Hello everyone,
A 2010 central Oregon Campout/Rally has been discussed off and on for the last year and after having so much fun with all of you at the recent River Bend Rally, I'm taking the plunge and hosting an ROVT campout in beautiful Camp Sherman, Oregon for the weekend of September 24th - 26th, 2010.
I have reserved 15 sites at the Black Butte Resort and RV park. Details are as follows:
Please refer to the site map at the link provided below. There is an additional link to park photos further down in this message.
The following sites have been reserved for our group.
11, 12A, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20A 21, 22, 23A, 23B , 24A, 24B, 25B, 26A (26A shows as 26 on map)
Important: You will be responsible for calling the park yourself and reserving one of the available sites with your credit card. This is their policy for groups. They will be first come, first served. The park management has graciously offered to hold these sites for me until August 1st, so you can have time to make plans. After that they will be released to the public. I'd advise that you reserve right away though, as there are only 15 and there has been considerable interest in something like this, which led to my decision to go for it. Please reserve only if you fully intend to be there.
Upon making your reservation please contact me immediately so I will know which site you have taken.
Please include your site#, name, address, phone, and year and make of trailer.
Once the sites have been filled I will send out a blanket email letting everyone know. After that I will keep a standby list in case of cancellations or if I can pick up more sites.
If you have to cancel your reservation PLEASE email and let me know!! It's not the park's responsibility to call me if someone cancels. It's yours.
I have negotiated the following terms for the group:
Cost: $53 including tax.
Check in: Friday Sept. 24 after 2PM.
Check out: Sunday Sept. 26 by 4PM.
**************************************************************Agenda: (subject to change)
*Trailer Open House - Saturday from 1-4 p.m.. Public and passers-by will be invited, but the event will not be advertised in the media.
*Night Glow Open House - Saturday night from 8-9 p.m. (optional) Show everyone how beautiful your coach looks all lit up at night! This is for Members Only.
*Possible swap meet in the meeting room Saturday morning if there is enough interest.
That's it! Your time for the most part will be your own. Bring your own everything, enjoy the beautiful Metolius River area and have fun!
We will have the use of all park facilities including restrooms, showers, horseshoe pit, group fire pit, sewer dump, and a meeting room if we want to use it.
Sites 11, 14, 15, 16, and 17 are full hookup sites (Power, water, and sewer)
The rest have power and water. There are no dry sites. Sites outlined on the map with dotted lines are on grass. The rest are graveled with concrete patio slabs. Bring leveling boards to park on as there tends to be a little side slope to some of the sites.
Don and Kathy Denning.
Bend, OR

Oregon Coast Vintage Trailer Gathering:
Vintage Trailer Gathering
Start Time: Friday, October 1, 2010 at 8:00am
End Time: Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 11:00am
Location: Beverly Beach State Park, Oregon coast!

NEXT year's annual vintage trailer rally at beautiful River Bend County Park in Sweet Home, Oregon -
June 24-25-26th, 2011
Here's the info from Jerry, the FB group leader regarding next June's annual Oregon rally: "Friends,
Our 2010 Vintage Trailer Rally is now history and everyone is looking towards our 2011 rally at River Bend campgrounds. The dates of June 24-25-26th, 2011 have been reserved for ROVT's 5th annual rally! Our 2010 rally was a smashing success with the campground being filled to capacity and did we have fun. WOW!
At the writing of this update, we only have two electrical/Water sites left along with five dry sites. 90% of the participants at our rally this year signed up for 2011. We had a lot of "newbies" that had never attended a vintage trailer rally and were surprised how laid back and fun they could be and was. I will be starting a "wait" list for cancellations during the year for those of you that may still want to get a spot later down the road. 2010 was a very successful rally and we plan on 2011 being as good or better! More about the rally in your July email newletter coming out soon.. Happy camping!
See the website for River BEnd County Park in Sweet Home, Oregon (Linn County) to see photos & campsite maps. Included below, the info regarding the rally & the registration form:

Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailer Rally/Campout Entry Form
June 24-25-26th, 2011
Please fill out this registration form if you are camping with a vintage - retro trailer, teardrop
or a motor home. TCT /teardrop club members are welcome to attend the 2011 Oregon
Vintage Trailer Rally/campout.
Please Print Clearly:
ADDRESS: ______________________________________ CITY: ____________________
STATE: ______________________ ZIP: _____________ PHONE: ___________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________
Vintage Trailer Information
Year: _______ Make: __________ Length:___________ Tow vehicle:_______________
No confirmation cards will be sent, we will notify you via email or phone, no later than two
weeks prior to the event. (two night minimum stay)
1st Choice Site# __________2nd Choice Site# ___________ 3rd Choice Site# __________
Electric/Water sites
Camping fee: 2 nights X $17.00 = $34.00
Linn County Parks cancellation fee (non-refundable) =$11.00
R.O.V.T. Registration fee =$20.00
Total camping & entry fee =$65.00
Non-Hookup sites
Camping fee: 2 nights X $15.00 =$30.00
Linn County Parks cancellation fee (non-refundable) =$11.00
R.O.V.T. Registration fee =$20.00
Total camping & entry fee =$61.00
Notice: Entrants and guests, by signing this release, discharge Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailers and anyone connected with the
management of this event, from any and all damages, losses, judgements or claims sustained by them and/or their vehicle(s),
trailer or personal property. I have read the ROVT policy guidelines and agree to abide by them. Event to be held ran or shine.
Signature of Entrant(s): ____________________________________________________
Make check/MO out to: Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailers
Please do not send cash
Send entry to: Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailers, 609 SE Pine Street, Dallas, Oregon 97338
For Office Use Only: Vintage Trailer Camping
Date Rec’d:____________ Check#__________amount Rec’d:__________Site# Assigned:______________
Date confirmed/notified: _______________ Remarks: __________________________________________
By the way, please forgive me if I've sent you this info before!!!!!
Thanks for all of the information Sherry. We will not be able to have our camper ready by the time for any of these trips this year, but hopefully we will be ready for next year. If we have the time though we may try to make the trip just to meet people and check out the vintage campers.

I was unaware of the facebook group, but I think I signed up for that also.
Hope to see you! You might come over to the Beverly Beach thing - it's not an official "rally," they say it's a "gathering," so no organized events, but you might be able to check out some trailers. For SURE you can check them out at Camp Sherman in September - they're having an open house for the public on Sat. afternoon and a Night showing, too (they say it's just for members, but I'm not sure if they mean actual ROVT members or just the people attending the rally - you might check with Don Denning on the night open house).

Agenda: (subject to change)

"*Trailer Open House - Saturday from 1-4 p.m.. Public and passers-by will be invited, but the event will not be advertised in the media.
*Night Glow Open House - Saturday night from 8-9 p.m. (optional) Show everyone how beautiful your coach looks all lit up at night! This is for Members Only.
*Possible swap meet in the meeting room Saturday morning if there is enough interest.
That's it! Your time for the most part will be your own. Bring your own everything, enjoy the beautiful Metolius River area and have fun!"

We will have the use of all park facilities including restrooms, showers, horseshoe pit, group fire pit, sewer dump, and a meeting room if we want to use it.
oops, they cut me off! Oh well, didn't have much more to say anyway. Just make sure & follow the ROVT group on Facebook to get updates on activities and to ask questions & advice - there's a lot of knowledge there. I hope we'll make it up for the day to Camp Sherman, but we're going on a major trip about that time & I don't want to overbook us - maybe we'll meet you if we all go!
I know we wont be able to make the Camp Sherman trip because my wife and I both have commitments that weekend. I saw some pictures of that campground from a previous trip and it looks beautiful.

My wife & I have been wanting to take our family to Beverly Beach for a while now so that should be a good weekend at least to visit even if it isn't an "official" rally. That week is also our wedding anniversary so it will be nice to go to the beach since that is my wife's favorite thing to do. My favorite thing to do is whatever her favorite thing to do is so it works out for everyone. :o)
It'd be nice to meet you - you might contact Jerry Kwiatkowski @ ROVT & tell him you want to come over & "rubberneck" some trailers. Maybe you could even come to the potluck since you're ROVT members! Just . . . sans trailer, at the moment!

I'm with your wife - I've always wanted a place @ the coast. However, the prices are outrageous, so we came up with a "cheap condo @ the beach" idea a few months ago - we bought a 25' Catalina sailboat & a slip @ the Embarcadero (prices are LOW on the slips right now) as our floating camper. Now, we have to learn to sail it. We've got time, we own it, so it's not like there's a time limit.
By the way - why don't you "friend" me on FB - I'm Sherry Epperly Hall.
Someone told me they were having trouble friending me because maybe my security settings are off - but I don't see anything wrong. If you can't do it, send me your Facebook ID or a link to your facebook profile page & I'll try to friend you.




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