What is the solution if you want a shower or potty room in these vintage trailers? Mine is only 13 ft and has table and benches on one end, the bed on the other and the small kitchen on the back wall. I don't really need the kitchen just an icebox and a microwave would be nice and I have the tiny space over the tire on the other side. Also Is it proper to have a swim suit only shower outside? And I need info about a porta potty. Thanks, Been

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Usually,,, Porta potty's are used in the smaller RV's. Which are taken out of a small storage closet,, used, and then put back.As far as the shower,, the smaller trailers were used as weekenders and parked at camp grounds with available showers and toilet facilities. Owners of the smaller trailers have inprovised and built small shower stalls,which also holds the porta potty's, (usually using a small closet). With the kitchens,, a sink is always nice to wash up and do some dishes.

There are several Porta Potty models on the market. They are fairly simple to use and maintain.

Just type in Porta potty in a browser bar and you will get hordes of info and models.

With your RV,,,, Your only limited by your imagination. You customize it with your own needs.


I too was bemused by the same question because my vintage 13' trailer is also pottyless.

What works for many is a  potty bucket that can be bought at Walmart or camp store( cheap)..its essentially a large gray paint bucket with wire handles,  two lids..one a simple toilet seat and the top lid is a snap close top. You line it with 2x 13 gal plastic trash bag..and fill it with a few inches( to start)  of "Feline Pine" kitty litter and basically this works great for a few days , then you toss it and start again. It's a very common way to handle this. It doesn't smell bad at all..is easy to stow during the day..and well..at night in the dark is real handy in your trailer, not to have to trek to the public loo.  As far as showers..use the public ones( they are usually just fine)  because bringing your own presents too many hardships to bother with..ie: run off, no hot water, wind blowing your curtains..showering and every passerby knows..!!! and that just gets weird.! unless your way off the beaten path..then just use a solar shower bag hung on a tree and enjoy the view! and you can wear a bathing suit or not then!

Also, I would caution you against modifying your vintage trailer too much in the event you might want to sell it someday..the sink and stove can come in real handy too once you get used to using them. 

Good luck!  

Hello Brenda, I had a small vintage trailer that was 6' x 12'. With a little imagination, you can do most anything with these campers. I had a small closet, with the bottom part being an old icebox. I removed the ice box, replaced it with a porti potty from SEARS, and added a curtain to hide clothes and potty. Across the front was my sink, counter top, and in the corner a little apartment size electric refrigerator, the other corner was cabinet for pots, pans, etc. Across the back was my bed, with a fold down, to make bigger in case of company, and under neath was storage. Mounted on the wall was a light and 19" LED Flat screen TV. Oh, I forgot, the small microwave mounted on the counter, and the A/C unit mounted in the back window. I'm sorry I dont have pics, but I had almost all the comforts of home except the shower.

David, thanks for responding to my question. I have about decided to not change to much. Maybe a stove top in place of the stove. I had to get it out, rats had nested in it and I can't stand mice or rats. I finally have the trailer all cleaned out and smelling fresh. WooHoo!!! I don't have a closet, I think it had already been removed from over the tire well by the door. Now it's just covered with a wood frame. Good spot for a ice chest. Thanks again I'm sure I will add questions all along. Brenda
Val, thanks for your reply. I am just learning! I have a bedside potty of my parents that is almost what you described that will work and I never thought about kitty litter and trash bags. I am trying to talk my husband to the tankless water heater but I don't know. Iv about figured it won't work anyway. Never thought about where to drain it but I understand they don't let you drain it on the ground.:(. I am waiting on my husband to put in a new floor and replace part of a wall and I'll be ready to paint and decorate. This page is so helpful!!! I added it to his phone so maybe he will see how Kind and helpful everyone is. Not sure what we will even do with a he trailer but I know we will learn as we go and eventually upgrade, but I do love the vintage trailers. Retire and do swap meets is meets and flea markets is what I see for our future. Thanks again for your input! Brenda

Well..that's what this forum is all about. Glad to be able to turn around the favor that others have shared with me. No, most camp grounds do not allow you to drain sink or other gray water just anywhere your parked. I have a little sink inside..which I use to wash my hands  or rinse a cup quickly....and I just put a little bucket under the drain spout under the trailer to catch it..then when needed carry it over to a tree or bush and water it. Its not dirty water really and I use only a bit of biodegradable soap if I use any. You can always carry a drain hose and direct clean gray water away from camp, if that's allowed. Yes, we all have questions and many here have answers..how great is that? Most importantly, have fun! 

Oh..and check out Pinterest..if you haven't already...you will have a great time looking at what creative people have done to their vintage trailers.!! Amazing!


I faced a similar issue with a truck camper.  I really wanted a "real" sink for washing dishes, brushing teeth and if nothing else was available a sponge bath.  A small tank, pressure pump, bar faucet, city water connection, a couple of valves and the inline heater later and I was set.  I drained the water into an old cooler with wheels and a drain valve.  Coolers hold a lot of water, the lid seals against splashing and they can be wheeled to a drain.  Of course it can get heavy quick so you have to be proactive about dumping. 

I too love the kitty litter idea, it would have prevented some past port-a-potty nightmare events that are best not told.  Have fun!




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