So your on your way,,,, what do you mean you don't know where your going? Didnt you put together a minute by minute travel agenda? The shame. Everyone (as infomercials say) know,,you must have a minute by minute agenda while on vacation, Time it down to the exact minute when you pull out the drive and how long it will take you to arrive at the first stop sign and 1st exit for gas etc. Allot a certain amount of time to use restroom facilities, etc. Keep a stop watch on the dash to monitor speed verse traffic congestion and exits, and adjust accordingly.Common people, stick with the program,, hut,hut,hut,,  and everyone mumbles ok Seargent PITA. 

Now,, doesnt that sound like a perfectly coordinated vacation? If it does,,, heres some advice,,,Don't get an RV and just stay home and look over your stamp collection for 2 weeks.

Now every, seasoned RV'er knows,, you cannot plan everything and every minute. 1st of all,, when your ready to pull out of the driveway,, you will be delayed, especially if you have kids,, 1st excuse delay is, I hafta potty,,,, There ya go,,, never goes as planned... I should stop there,,, But ohhhhh noooooo,, that would take the fun outta this blog,, and you know ya want more,,,, everyone wants more.

There is actually an amusing side of watching other RV'ers crusing down the ole roadway, Notice I say OTHER   Rv'ers. tee hee.

Better them then me I always say. I know,, how rude,,

Like ,like like,like (3 year old telling this story),, That 1 trailer coming up on that underpass and the sign on it said 13 ft clearance. And on the side of his trailer had a sticker that said 12 ft 13 inch clearance,, and we all knew he was safe,, yea,, (sigh)  good times,, Or how about that really fancy trailer that had all sorts of cool neeto stuff,, marble floors, granite countertops, eleventeen flat screen tv's. When they left the park with their awning fully out and their antennea sticking straight up, and hitting that low tree branch? Yea,, thats quality entertainment.

And that awning took a few hits to finally tear off the side,, and how cool it was following it for 9 miles before it finally fell off,  Yea, that was You Tube video material. Or how about when they leave their steps out,, you know,, those really fancy 4 step ones. Yea those,, Makes you want to tell the driver,, those do not make great curb feelers, But hey, who am I to tell them different,,, They look like qualified seasoned RV'ers. Now every so often, I have had the notion to tell a fellow RV'er about his sewer hose still being connected as they get ready to pull out,, or their water hose.. But hey,, what fun is that? Seriously,, your not going to find quality entertainment like that anywhere.. and best of all, it dont cost you anything,,, Major plus... Think about it,, how amusing would it be sitting there with your buddy's sucking down some cold brewskis and making bets how long that water hose will stretch before breaking off at the spigot or the RV,, or double down the bet if the hose splits in the middle.. Then you make bets on the sewer hose,,, how many miles will they drive with that hose tossing around before it finally breaks off, or till someone brings it to their attention?

(now this would involve the LEAST intoxicated person in the said group to follow and keep track ). The least thing most observers bet on are roof vents,,, most people crank em down,,, but there is always that one who doesnt and the betting on those getting damaged are down near nickle slots betting,, its a hit or miss type thing.

You ever be driving along and come up behind an RV trailer wagging back and forth like a dog?  Now thats entertainment,, especially when the driver hasnt a clue.. maybe he left the kids in there and they are getting rowdy? Maybe hes to cheap to buy a blender and is slosh mixing his smoothies? Or maybe the trailer is just getting jiggy with it,, swinging to some nice Doo Wop oldies. I know, I know, warped sense of humor,,, of course being the gentleman I am, I would pull alongside him and use hand signals to bring to his attention of his trailer wiggling behind him. I would then slow down and get behind him with plenty of room till he regains control and gets pulled off to the shoulder and maybe help him determine the cause.. BUT, If he hand signals me back with a single finger,,, its ON... Im getting out my video camera and Im going to post this on You tube,, and everyone knows it will get like a bazzillion hits, And if the trailer breaks off, even after being notified of the hazard,, then the proper thing to do would be to stop and walk back and check on him and family,, and get his name,, you know,, for the video credits. Jus saying.

Ok,,, Thats enough of twisted humor,,,, All of us know,, we are a rare breed,, we love old stuff,, do weird stuff and enjoy life,, good or bad.

And if you cant find a little humor around you,, then your just not living.'

Just remember,, walk around your rig, double and triple check everything,, if it looks loose,, its gone,,,, if its connected still,, it wont be,, if its extended, it wont be for long. Simple rules,,, Electric,Waste,, then water,   Unplug the power,, that way the kids video game and tv shuts off, Waste hose,, and use the water hose to clean and flush it out,, then wash hands, Then water hose,, empty it out and store it. Pull your chocks, double check safety chains and break away switch connection and make sure pin is in the hitch. Do another walk around checking lights and anything that will be in the way pulling out... Look up towards the roof,,, any low branches? antennea down? roof vents closed?   When all looks good,, flip steps up,, peek inside the door one last time and shut and lock it,

Now if your closing the door and locking it and bump your shins,, Guess what?  Your steps are still out. Pay tention,, I told you a couple sentences back to put your steps in. Serves you right getting a knot on your shin, And an extra security check is a few miles down the road when you fuel up,,, walk around the rig again and look at it as you walk out of the store with your 145 oz, super jumbo sized soft drink, 3 bags of doritos and that snickers bar. If something doesnt look right,, then odds are,, its not.

Be safe, make memories, dream big, enjoy the time you have,


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