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Im kind of OLD school,,,, to the young unz,, that means we are just to stubborn and can remember way before they had all these fancy gizmo's.

As I sit here at my Top of the line Commadore 64 with the upgraded 14 inch monitor, I tap away at the precision keyboard. Occasionally I reach over and turn the dial on my RCA 15.5 inch black and white TV searching for 1 of the 3 channels available,,, Not really much of a selection, so I leave it on Lawrence Welk. I ponder my thoughts when I realized I had forgotten to make an important phone call,, So I slide away from my desk and walk over to the phone on the wall and spin the crank handle on the side, and almost instantly, I hear Lilly answer on the other end. She asks what number and I say slowly, BR549 please. She says one moment please,,, as I stand pateintly, I hear here over the ear piece, 1 ringy dingy, 2 ringy dingy, 3 ringy dingy,, and she gets back on and says there is no answer,, you need to try again later. click.Well, I can't say I didnt try.

I sit back down,, and letting the ole brain think of stuff to jot down, and grand daughter walks in and says,, wutcha doing grandpa? I turn and tell her,, Im just pondering my thoughts to jot down. She then asks,, Whats that thing on the desk? I point to the monitor,, and she says yes,, is that an oldie type TV ?  I say, no dear, its a computer monitor. She has this deer in the headlights look and asks, whats it used for? I tell her its the monitor screen for the computer,, pointing to the 3 foot tall tower sitting under the desk, humming with the sound of a small 4 cyl, engine, She then, asks, whats a computer?  Oh boy,, its the 20 questions form a 5 yr old. I explain that you can type stuff on the keyboard and it appears on the screen and then you can connect to the internet and post it to different places. She still has the deer in the headlights look. Shes asks, whats the internet?. I click a couple buttons and that familiar sound of screetch, hummm bzzzzz hmmmm buzzzz,,  YOU HAVE MAIL, sounds off. She jumps back and says, whats that?  I explain thats to let me know Im connected to the internet. Shes staring at me, like I just stepped off a flying saucer. The awkward silence lasts about 2 minutes as shes trying to contimplate this technology . Im beaming,, being the tech savy one in the family.

BUT,, my pride bubble is soon popped when she giggles and pulls out her I-Phone, clicks a button and says hey grandpa.. look at this cool video on Youtube,    I pretty much crashed and burned.

I tell her to run along and play,, grnadpa has some work to do... she runs off giggling at her cute cat video. I focus my attention to the screen and make several feeble attempts to bring up maps for our upcomming camping venture. Its getting frustrating as I sit and wait as the hour glass on the screen does it trade mark flip, over and over and over. After about 10 minutes, grand daughter comes back in and asks if I want to watch a cute cat video.. I tell her, not right now, Grand pa is trying to download some road maps for our trip. She says, Oh,, then chimes up,, like these? She holds up her phone and shows me a full screen of maps, She asks where are we going?  I said, the Grand Canyon dear... so she leans over her phone,, taps in a few keys and says, here?,, There on her little screen was a turn by turn map from our location to the grand canyon.   I look at the phone screen then back up to my monitor,,, seeing that hour glass STILL turning over and over and over and over,,,, then back to her phone screen and say yes dear... Now go and play,,Dinner will be ready soon. I click the exit button and hear those oh so dreaded words,,, Goodbye,, And the spiraling pipes appear on my screen...  I assume I will soon have to replace my Betamax player next.

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Comment by Rich Thomas on February 20, 2017 at 11:35pm

I agree with Russ. Lakota, you nailed it. although new and purtty aint good all the time. I laid my newish droid max down the other day and stared in dismay as one by one my phone is showing me this app is not responding. I picked it up and it went black screen. I put it on charge as it was close to zero. The next morning I picked it up and every thing seemed to be just fine until I went to make an important phone call and all of my call log had been wiped clean all of my contacts

wiped clean and all my call history was gone. all my text was still there but the names of the people and there avatars gone. never to be again. Old school or Old's cool no matter how you spell it New's not always best.   

Comment by Russell E Johnson on February 20, 2017 at 9:48pm

LOL, you nailed it again, Lakota. Takes me back to the glory days of internet. You was smokin if you had 600 baud.

Comment by Dawn Michelle on February 20, 2017 at 9:32am

HAHAH.  So enjoyed this!  And remember it all except the operator.

I do remember the days when my grandparents had a party line (rural Florida - when there was one of those, too - I was born a "crackerfoot") - anyway we had to wait to see if you got the double ring to know if it was a call for the house.  And had to be thoughtful and quiet when you picked up the phone to make a call in case someone in the next farm house over was already on it.  

I do web design so I've pretty much embraced technology until recently - must be a change in age. Resent having to keep up, and frankly don't care.  Or, maybe it's just Facebook and all those sharing social media platforms I don't care for.  Takes me back to highschool and one upsmanship. I did get a Garmin for Juno, and the paired backup camera and the little testing on the GPS I did on my Prius really enjoyed.  I am also making a special place for my IPad in the wall - only because that way i can have a "fireplace" and an "aquarium" in her :-) Grin!



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