Not much activity on the MMP today. I pulled the passenger window out and put up a tarp to cover the window opening. Duct tape to rescue again. I forgot pictures so will get them tomorrow. The leaks from the window, the seam of the fiberglass, and around the right outside mirror have caused extensive delamination on the MMP. So along with replacing the insulation, resealing the window, and installing a new panel I have to figure out how to make the outside fiberglass stick to all the new stuff so it is not flexing so bad anymore. YouTube and I should be getting a close association starting tomorrow. The one article I read said to pull all the outside [metal in the case of that article] and rebuild from the ground up. But that is not going to happen. I will do the best I can by filling in with new board, glued to fiberglass, glued to insulation, glued to inner paneling. I hope that will work because I am not about to rip off the outside fiberglass and then have to use a fiber glassing kits to patch all the cut marks. I know, I am lazy. But with patching up all the leaks at least the delamination will not be getting worse.

Another article I read said to drill holes in the loose areas and fill with glue--I don't remember what type--and then put up bracing to push against the external fiberglass. This is all fine and dandy, but I do not have a garage or a shed to put the MMP in so I can have something to put the bracing up against. And running a rope all the way around the MMP may sound good in theory, in real life it will not work.

Take care all, and have many safe travels. I hope our travels will start up again this fall.

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The "glue" is called the SLV Resin System.

I have pulled an outside wall taut by doing what you just mentioned,, having to drill holes and fill with glue. Now sinse you have already *drilled holes,,, use the holes for a dual purpose. 2X2 on the outside and a a flat piece of 3/4 plywood piece,, Drill through the plywood piece, and use on the INSIDE wall, Running a screw through the plywood piece into the 2x2 on the outside, *Drawing up pressure to the wall. When you can't press against something outside,, reverse your thinking and use whats available, Pull *itself together,

Hope that wasn't to confusing..

Maybe I will put 3/4 inch ready rod through the wall and just fiberglass over the bolts. That will hold the wall together and seal all the moisture out. One every square foot should do the trick. LOL

I'm sorry you are having to do all this Russ, but I think the challenge of whats facing you is stimulating and purposeful. If your like me and I know we have similar limitations, with out something to drawl you out, your just gonna sit in a recliner and waste away. I am redoing a bath room in my house and though it's taking me an enormous amount of time I'm okay with it and I'm determined to see it through. I have enjoyed the tasks involved with it and the planning out of how the heck am I going to do this or that. I know you will be faced with similar situations and I encourage you to pace yourself and keep doing what your doing. The MMP will shine again I know, and you will hit the open road with a bit of pride and purpose. good luck with it my friend.   

I have been glad for the rain the past few days. My old hips have been screaming at me. LOL they do not like to work anymore it seems.

Raining here too and I found three window leaks and a front vent leak.  The front vent leak is aggravating because of the days I spent up there dicor'ing the heck out of everything up there.  I may have to pull it up and reseat (and if I do I'll probably replace with something newer).  The water is very slowly coming in between the butyl and the metal part.  Or maybe I've just missed a small place in the dicor.

Front window I was probably going to have to redo anyway since I'm pulling the panels up there to chase down some rot. The water there is seeping in on the bottom between the glass and the seal - dripping into the track so I'm pretty sure my rot didn't come from there.

Then found water in the tracks of two side windows where the exterior pane slides in.  I am betting  that is from the cracked and broken seal that borders that run?  

I'm thinking all three aren't serious - won't damage any wood if I am cautious with keeping them wiped out (not letting them spill out) but going to have to replace that, and not looking forward to it...hope it doesn't mean new windows...course I could be wrong and it's more urgent than I realize.  I need to look at all of the windows from the outside tomorrow and ensure I understand how everything fits together.

Guess that's what spring rain is good for huh?.....

Yep, rain is good for finding all them nasty leaks. It is nice to finally see our roof dry. It was an arduous task to get all that silicony stickum [that's a technical term incase you were wondering, LOL] removed and putting down the Dicor 5 inch wide sealer on all the roof seams. 

Those pesky little leaks can drive you insane, My camper hasn't seen weather since last October. I'm thinking I might go top side and make sure the Palace is still in good order before I head out again. I used Dicor self leveling and Sicka flex 21 on the standing seams. Last fall I had a drip in my front vent and realized I forgot i had left it undone when I ran out of Dicor. I had a length of Eternabond and that took care of the problem. Note to self, don't go camping before you finish the chores.

LOL, I hear that. That is why when we go out this year it will be in the fall after I have gotten the wall, ceiling, and front end interior work done.




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