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productive day.

A very productive day, considering it was triple digit and I being lazy till 2 in the afternoon.. I had to run a temp power line out to the power ped,, and after getting the RV plug (30 amp) wired in, realize the plug in on the other side of the ped is a 50 amp service, (there are 2 power plug boxes,, one on each side of a 4x4,, 1 being a 30 amp, and 1 being a 50 amp.), Duh,, so yea, I had a brain fert. So, back to the store to get a dogbone adapter,, a 50 to 30 plug, I get it all hooked up…


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moved and settled.

Finally got my required and much needed services hooked back up, A person has to have cable and internet. I made the installers job way easy by having previously wired my own outlets. (having voids in the walls and floors helped). No dangly wires hanging out windows etc.

That was after getting the 5th broke down and moved from point A to point B. Backing into the spot the 1st time was beyond fun,,lol  took 3 attempts, spinning in the gooey slippery Texas mud, and only final try, going…


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Me and Murphy,dealing with the move,

Well Mr. Murphy, (Murphy's Law) sneaks out after lurking in the shadows.

Everything was going smooth,, getting everything all gathered up and stored and packed for a huge journey to another RV park, on the other side of the city, A smaller park, in a quiet country setting, Some say its 40 miles from nowhere, turn left, then left again. While getting everything for the move,, it was a balmy 100 plus degrees, Sun baking down on ya and making you feel like a chocolate chip cookie on  pan…


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Bonzia trip went sideways reaql quick.

I had mentioned last week I had to make a bonzai run from Texas to Michigan to take care of a few issues. Most of the trip went well till I was just south of Effinghan ill. Hitting a chunk hole cut out of the highway about 4 ft wide and the width of the land and about a ft deep.. front rims get bent along with blowing out both rear tires and screetching to a stop on the shoulder of the road,, along with several other cars and trucks. Apparently the state doesnt think its nessasary to put up…


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F.Y.I. on LED conversion

I was reading about LED conversions,,, and by golly, In the chat box this a/m Jack and Russ was talking about some issues. SMTA.

LED seems the way to go as the standard incondecent light seems to be fading away like the old 8 track players. Several articles bring up a resistance issue,, LED's having less resistance then the old single and double filament bulbs. Some companies sell a top dollar *fix all for this problem, Its a fancy square box that really doesnt fit anywhere easily,…


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Murphy goes camping.

Looking back over the years,, things that go bump in the night, little boo,boo's during vacations,, things like that,, always have a humor coated side. The little things that ,,at the time make you scream words that would make a sailor blush, and at the same time give you opportunity to make up new cuss words. Sometimes the show of anger makes the neighbors close their windows and lock their doors and cower down in the basement,, thinking armageddon has arrived. That point you blow the…


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Twisted humor with a twist.

So your on your way,,,, what do you mean you don't know where your going? Didnt you put together a minute by minute travel agenda? The shame. Everyone (as infomercials say) know,,you must have a minute by minute agenda while on vacation, Time it down to the exact minute when you pull out the drive and how long it will take you to arrive at the first stop sign and 1st exit for gas etc. Allot a certain amount of time to use restroom facilities, etc. Keep a stop watch on the dash to monitor…


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Gotta love the vehicle laws, mini rant.

Different laws and regulations vary from state to state, and can get quite confusing.Politics with transportation at its best. Examples as follows are just a small taste of what I have encountered. In lower Michigan, traveling through Berrien county, (St,Joseph / Benton Harbor), on I-94, (corridor from Chicago to Detroit), Your allowed to pull doubles and triple with a special use permit.And daylight driving hours only. But a few miles up the road on the same hwy,I-94 you enter Kalamazoo…


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Road trip,short one,

Got up early,, walked to the kitchen like someone coming off a 14 day binge drinking fest, walking bow legged and pigion toed,eyes crossed and blood shot. Fumbled with the coffee maker,and after several attempts get the paper filters seperated and one dropped in the basket, I fumble with the coffee can and manage to get a couple scoops out with out spilling it all over the counter,and get the basket inserted in the coffee maker slots and I pour the water in, flip the switch and wait,,,and…


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Its More then just meeting people.

Its interesting to meet people from all walks of life, young and old.

I have been fortunate enough to have met several well known people.

Now most people think,, Did you run up and ask for an autograph? What were they like? and so on. Ive met many many people in my travels, in RV parks, roadside parks, rest areas,and even Walmart. 99% are just regular common folk out for adventure and was raised in an era where conversation consisted more then a text or email. A firm handshake…


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Lakota's Howlings,, Just rambling.

I have put many many miles under this ole butt, from coast to coast and Gulf to Canada. Seen byways and triways and highways and rural roads.

2 lane country roads to single horse and buggy roads (not by choice but making a wrong turn). Ive seen places so vast and open, its hard to tell if your really moving in a particular direction, where the road continues beyond the sun setting horizon. Ive traveld down small 2 lanes with the trees arching over the road like a shaded tunnel, and…


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A buyer goes shopping.

We pull up to look at an RV bumper pull (B/P) that was advertised locally here for approx $4,000. This is a 1999 model 30 ft.

Typical ad says, was used for a short time while house was being built, and stored under an RV steel shelter cover. Well taken care of, all maintenance done on regular basis, Has roof top a/c (barely used), ducted furnace, (barely used), 3 burner stove top and oven,(oven only used once). Gas water heater,, only gets warm not hot,, maybe slight adjustment to…


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Perfect advertising photo.

This would be a good picture ad.  The Dealership would advertise, *MINOR water damage, Easy Fix. Reduced price. Regular price of $14,999.99,, clearance @ $10,995.99.. Get thee deals while the deals are hot. 1st come,1st served. Several models to choose from.

f.y.i.    This is only for humor purposes…


Added by Lakota Wolf on June 30, 2017 at 4:26pm — 2 Comments

Reality in camping as a part timer to a full timer

So ,,,you want to Full Time? Or Maybe Part time,(seasonal).

There are a bazzillion trillion tips online of what to expect. Ive read a lot of  *TIPS,, and most of these are from Dealers and sales people. And with basic statistics, 97.5 of these Experts have never roughed it in anything older then a year old rig. They show on their video's parking in a fairy tale clover field with birds singing and fish splashing in a quiet pond, with no one else around for 300 miles. The night sky is…


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Upgrading with old. Slight humor

Ahhhhhh,,,, how times have changed.. Im refering to how each generation has adapted to change.Looking back,,, the 1st RV trailers had candles for lighting,, then got fancy and started using fuel oil,, and then really fancy and went with propane lighting. Nothing saws roughing it with basic FIRE mounted to a WOOD wall. Then they decided, that might be a tad dangerous and incorporated electric lighting,, 1st with 12 Volt,, then 110/120 Volt,, and both .At the beginning, they mounted a propane…


Added by Lakota Wolf on June 17, 2017 at 1:30am — 1 Comment

Is it Logical Spock? Twisted humor

It was an exciting month for GORV's May. that is,, and into June to be fair,

What I have lernt,(non politically correct spelling mind you) is You can secure a wobbly antennea on a class C by finding a spare lag screw in the ole tool box and driving it into the front corner and then affixing a zip tie to hold it. That in itself is a feat of engineering. Can you imagine the time it must have taken them to sit down and using their algebra and trig education along with a 1st year college…


Added by Lakota Wolf on June 12, 2017 at 11:47pm — 4 Comments

Buyer beware,

What the seller on craigslist is describing, when selling his rv. What it really is when you go look at it in…


Added by Lakota Wolf on June 8, 2017 at 8:59pm — 3 Comments

RV trailer, Shokem absorbers, (humor)

I started off this morning,, by getting up early,,(gasp, I know right,, scared me to). I actually got up before noon thirty five. I chuck some 40 weight and inhale some toast and being all energetic I head outside to take measurements of the RV's shocks, I lay out my tarps and crawl underneath with tape measure in hand and a pen and paper. Started off really good,,, inspecting the shocks and noticing the wasps, bees and bugs are out early to. Now who wouldda thunk it? Well, I was doing my…


Added by Lakota Wolf on June 7, 2017 at 5:40pm — 2 Comments

Memory lane with an old RV.

The greatest thing about getting a project RV,, isnt just to take something thats unique or different and re-do or rebuild.

It goes deeper then that. A lot of us here on GORV's, are the Baby boomer generation, (some older,, some younger). But our age group grew up wayyyyy before computers and color TV's especially flat screens.

During our younger years,, we watched Dad go to work, Mom stay home and hold the fort down and raise the kids. (excluding single moms and dads etc)  We…


Added by Lakota Wolf on May 30, 2017 at 1:24am — 1 Comment

Friendly competion between friends.

I have a old friend Ive known for many many years,, and hes a Diehard Bumper puller or go home in shame type of guy. He hates,, and I do mean Hates 5th wheel RV's. He complains that they have sooooooo much wasted space and harder to pull,, very unstable when towing, etc.

Now mind you,, hes a retired truck driver,(lol). He brings up the subject that 5th wheel RV's waste so much space up front because the hitch goes up over the bed of the truck,, leaving a huge area underneath that…


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